11 Useful Tips and Apps for Web Designers


Care for some productivity tips and management principles before jumping the web apps?  You will find the below together with some of the best web apps for designers and design teams.

Productivity Tips

–        Clarify Expected Outcomes.  Unclear expectations from your client or team members yield the same results as ambiguous requirements. Make certain that you or your team know exactly what to expect.

–        Encourage Open Communication. This requires a belief that your or your team members can openly discuss problems, and concerns with the client or among yourselves.

–        Empower Team Members and Ask your client for autonomy. Those who feel free to make decisions tend to be better performers.

–        Rethink Meetings. If not well-planned, a meeting can be a waste of both time and resources. Structure meetings with the client or team to support your effort. This might include seeking out team members’ questions or concerns as part of the agenda-building activity.

–        Reserve Downtime. Ensuring you or your team meet the full benefits of reserved downtime is always important. Especially so in a highly-charged, 24/7 workplace environment. Your and the team performance and morale both benefit when downtime periods are deliberately scheduled.


Adding to these productivity tips are these always- important Team Management Principles:

  • Practice the use of smart calendars. Calendars which block off hours for focused work and set time aside for scheduled downtime.
  • Acknowledge direct reports progress in meeting project goals. This keeps them accountable and aware of what others are doing.
  • When you expect your colleagues to put in extra hours when you won’t be doing the same, you need to communicate why that is so. Not doing so can easily lead to resentment.
  • It’s OK to help team members find out how to best allocate their time effectively. It’s not OK to micromanage them.
  • Don’t overcommit your team to too many projects or assignments. Instead, focus on doing what you can to avoid those types of situations.

Tools that help make it all happen:



If it’s an all-in-one, prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform you need, InVision could be your perfect solution. This world-leading web app is used by companies such as Apple, Twitter, Uber, and General Motors for their prototyping and project management needs. Add LinkedIn, PayPal, Dell, and Cisco, and you begin to understand how important having this product could be for you.

With InVision, you are given a suite of tools for Sketch and Photoshop to help you solve your design challenges. InVision’s WorkFlow 2.0, gives you access to a powerful, design-driven project management capability. But, that’s barely scratching the surface, as this popular platform is continually adding new features designed to make your prototyping, collaboration, and workflow activities as smooth and effortless as possible.

InVision is yours to try of free for a single prototype. For a large team, working with a large number of prototypes, InVision’s Enterprise version might be the right solution, and you can try Enterprise for free. Join the over 2 million designers who are already using InVision.



Proto.io is a prototyping tool that allows designers, developers and product managers alike to create high-fidelity prototypes of their mobile and web apps that feel and look exactly like the real thing.

It is so easy to use that you can start prototyping straightaway, even if you do not have any coding or design skills.

Proto.io satisfies all your prototyping needs. Use it during the early stages of design for building wireframes and mockups or to solicit feedback. During the latter stages of design you can use it to create animated, interactive and high-fidelity prototypes for user testing and sign off. Design, prototype, preview, share and collaborate; All in one single platform.

This prototyping platform is yours to try for free for 15 days, giving you the opportunity so see why 350,000 others and awesome companies like Paypal and Disney have settled on Proto.io as their prototyping tool of choice.



            Sendloop gives designers and web design agencies as set of powerful digital marketing tools that are typically only found on enterprise-level software systems. This web app comes with 100+ ready-to-use, brandable, totally mobile-responsive email templates; allowing small businesses and agencies to create professional-looking emails that, in every respect, rival those of larger companies.

Starting at $19/month for providing marketing emails to up to 2,000 subscribers, Sendloop’s purchase plans are far cheaper than the enterprise-level systems. Lead generation tools and widgets are included, along with unlimited email delivery per subscriber. A Whitelable/Agency Program option is also available.

Worth noting: No coding knowledge is need to take advantage of what Sendloop provides, nor is there a need for any special technical skills.



            MeisterTask was launched with the intent of providing web designers with the most intuitive project and task management tool on the web. Its visual project boards are based on the classic Kanban principle, however teams are able to easily adapt them to their individual workflows and requirements.

MeisterTask doesn’t simply allow teams to work together, it actively assists them in their desire to do so by offering options for commenting, liking, and following, as well as integrating with various chat tools. You can get started with MeisterTask for free.



            Paymo is a modern project app that finds wide usage among small and medium businesses. This single platform tool performs a number of services, including online, offline, and automatic time tracking and task management.

Kanban boards provide visual summaries of workflow activities and objectives, project files can be stored for sharing at any time, and a project can be saved as a template to use when there is a need to create a similar project.

You can try Paymo for 15 days for free without any feature limitations. After the trial period is over you can subscribe for $8.95/user/month.


Form Analytics by UseItBetter

            Form Analytics by UseItBetter collects data on how users are interacting with your forms, so you can see what may be causing some users to drop out. No matter the business, if it relies heavily on forms, it most likely losing some customers because of them, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

This also applies when you design sites for business clients. You want to provide them with the most user-friendly forms possible, and give them the opportunity, through testing, to make improvements where needed. This form tracking and analysis is free up to 1000 visits/month.

Besides of the convenience of being able to work from a browser, these web apps do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to prototyping and project management. As you’ve just seen, there’s even an app to make changes to an existing business operation that can lead to improved conversion rates.

Web apps can’t do it all however. Program and project managers have to follow certain principles and guidelines if projects are going to be kept on track and running smoothly; and project teams are going to be as productive as possible and operating at a high level of morale.

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20 Helpful Code Review Tools for Web Developers

When faced with deadline pressure, having some helpful code review tools may save web developers a lot of time for properly testing their work.

Having a good code review tool is crucial for any programmer and will help them decrease the errors in their code, find errors quickly and finish their work sooner. These code review tools will help you analyze code structure, do effective code reviews, compare different versions of the code, work with teams, and more.

Check out these helpful code review tools for web developers which will help you see the mistakes and errors in your code and deliver perfectly-coded work every time.


GitLab is a code review tool that unifies issues, reviews, CI and CD into a single user interface. It includes Git repository management, issue tracking, code review, an IDE, activity streams, wikis, and more.



Barkeep is a fast way to review code. You can use it to watch commits made to any Git repository, see diffs, write comments, and more.



Codebrag is a simple code review tool that makes the process code reviewing process work smoothly for your team. It is free!



Review Board makes code review easy while saving you time and money and letting you focus on programming great projects.



Review Assistant is a code review plug-in for Visual Studio that integrates smoothly with TFS, Git, SVN, and Mercurial. It supports multi-iteration reviews.



JArchitect is a fantastic tool for analyzing your code, used by thousands of developers for improving their Java code quality.



This is an examination of computer source code, intended to find and fix mistakes and improving the overall quality of your work.



This tool minimizes paperwork, ensures that issues, comments, and decisions are recorded in a database, and provides a comfortable workspace for web developers.



Codestriker is an open-sourced web application for online code reviewing. You can use it to review diffs generated by an SCM (Source Code Management) system and plain unidiff patches.



This tool lets you review user stories and requirements, code, communicate across the team and deliver quality work.



You can use Crucible to review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce.



Kallithea is a free software source code management system that supports two leading version control systems, Mercurial and Git. You can install Kallithea on your own server.



Phabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software. It helps you manage tasks and sprints, review code, host git, svn, or mercurial repositories, build with continuous integration, and more.



This plugin integrates a distributed peer review system for software developers into Trac. No more time-consuming code review meetings!



CAST AIP analyzes source code by categorizing each business function into a measurable unit, thus resulting in faster identification of reduced software quality.



This tool will not only save you time and money but also help lighten the workload in the long run.



This tool offers centralized control for distributed repositories with Mercurial, Git, and Subversion under a single roof.



Use this tool to conduct code reviews, iterate and improve code quality.



This is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, and analyzing critical or large code bases.



Malevich is a web-based code review system designed for use by individuals and small teams.


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20 Free Admin Dashboard Templates

If you’re looking for free admin dashboard templates for your next website or web app design project, then you’re in the right place!

Each one of these free admin dashboard templates has a different focus. While some of them have more general designs, others are more specific, suitable only for certain web projects.

These are powerful admin dashboard templates with lots of useful web elements and will make a great starting base for your web project.

Check them out! You will definitely find the free admin dashboard templates you need, right here on this list.

Hubuntu UI

This is a Material admin dashboard starter UI template with an Ubuntu style. It can be used as a front-end toolkit for lightweight and mobile-friendly web apps.



This is a free Bootstrap 3 admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3.



Modular Admin is a free dashboard theme built On Bootstrap 4. It has an HTML version too.



Metis is a free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard template which comes with a huge collection of plugins and UI components.



This is a Twitter Bootstrap 3 admin template that can be used to create admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS or CRM.



This is an Angular Bootstrap Admin Panel framework. This is a very useful freebie front-end developers because it can help you jump start your project.


AdminLTE 2

AdminLTE is a free admin control panel theme, based on Bootstrap 3.x. It has lots of useful components.



This is an Angular admin dashboard with Material design, that comes with a generous collection of elements for creating the best apps.



This is a multipurpose admin theme with lots of features, CSS3 Animations, 2 dashboards, charts, 20+ integrated plugins, 20+ pages, Font Awesome Icons, and more!


Flat Admin

This is a free Bootstrap 3 administrator site template that is completely free for you to use in your own web projects.



Joli is a free admin template based on Angular JS. It is responsive and compatible with all devices. It is also very easy to use and customize.



rdash-angular is an AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard. It uses a small number of modules, along with some handy directives and controllers.



Light Bootstrap Dashboard is an admin dashboard template with a beautiful and simple design. It is built on top of Bootstrap 3, thus being fully responsive.


Bootply Admin Template

Here are some Bootstrap admin templates and dashboard components, created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery



DashGum is a simple admin panel with 15 pages, charts, tables, panels, calendars, notifications, to-do lists and more.


Framework with Angular & Bootstrap

This is a dashboard framework created with Angular.js and Twitter Bootstrap. This is a reliable, user-friendly and easy to customize template.


SB Admin 2

This is a Bootstrap admin theme featuring powerful jQuery plugins for extended functionality.



SIMINTA is a responsive admin dashboard template that uses the Twitter Bootstrap Framework for admin and backend applications.



TemplateVampi is a free admin template for web designers and developers, based on Twitter Bootstrap. This is a fully functional and customizable admin template.



BCORE is a fully responsive admin template with a Bootstrap look and feel. It comes with 40+ integrated plugins for charts, data tables, maps, notifications and more.


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20 Free Pure CSS Icon Sets

Nowadays, using img tags to display icons on a site is a terrible web design technique. All designers and web developers have started to use pure CSS icon sets instead, which assures them that the icons will display consistently all over the website.

With CSS icons, adding animations is extremely easy. Animated CSS icons will help you catch the visitor’s attention and make your site stand out.

To help you start using CSS icons on your website designs instead of simply images, here are 20 free pure CSS icons sets you can download and start using today.

Here they are!

 Icono Pure CSS icons

One tag, one icon. These pure CSS icons are no font or SVG. You can load Icono from CDN, as well.



Cikonss are pure CSS, responsive and cross-browser usable. CSS2 was used, which leads to limited shapes (and icons) available.


Pure CSS GUI icons

This set contains 84 GUI icons created from semantic HTML. Check them out!



These are some cool pure CSS file icons which will help you create file icons with pure CSS codes (eg. doc, pdf, png, zip, etc).


One Div

One div shows you the potential of CSS3 through a library of single element logos. All icons displayed on the website are created  pure CSS with only one HTML div.


Arrow Icons

These icons are responsive and animated. Also, they can be scaled to any size without losing quality.


Font Awesome

Font Awesome gives you scalable icons that can be customized to any needed size, color, drop shadow, etc. only with CSS.


Responsive Social Media Icons

These icons are simple, yet very customizable.  You can change both color and background with just CSS.


Pure CSS Icons

These icons are pure CSS, with no use of images. You can customize these icons easily from the CSS code.


Bootstrap Social Media Icons

This icon set is a combination of the Bootstrap framework and Font Awesome. They can be customized with CSS to modify the colors, shapes and effects.


CSS3 Monochrome Icon Set

This is a set of 85+ icons / glyphs created entirely in CSS3 that you can start using in your projects for free.


CSS3 Social Media Icons

Here are a few icons set with rollover effects, that come in various styles, colors, and size. All the icons are Font Awesome based.


Social Media Icons

These are some experimental social media icons created using CSS and semantic HTML. They use progressive enhancement without the use of images or JavaScript.


Icons – Materialize

Here is a huge icons library with 740 Material Design Icons, ideal for Material-inspired web design projects.


Metro Icon Font

The Metro Icon Font gives you scalable icons that can instantly be customized to any  size, color, drop shadow, and more, all with the power of CSS. It includes over 400 icons.



IcoMoon is a package of vector icons and a web app for making custom icon fonts or SVG sprites.



Pictos is a new set of interface icons, compatible with the Redux framework. The icons come in three variations: Line, Solid & Color.

pictos free pure CSS icons sets

Pure CSS Icons

This is how these icons look like on supported browsers – Firefox and Webkit.


CSS Icons 2

These pure CSS Icons were created by Joshua Hibbert. These icons are very well crafted and you can start using them today.


Super semantic multicolor font icons in pure CSS

Font icons are easy to implement, well supported, and infinitely scalable. Check these out!


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Balancing Act: Freelancing While Full Time

By the end of the work day, the last thing you want to do is look at another pixel. Since 8:30am, you’ve been firing on all cylinders. Deadlines, meetings and requests have been swarming your desk as restlessly as your fingers against your keys. The mental expenditure you endure each day is taxing. Yet, you’re not done. You have even more deadlines, calls, meetings and requests to honor once you get home–your place of solitude. They belong to your freelance clients. You must pay them the same amount of attention and focus as you give to your day job.

Why? You want to do good work. You’re working on something you actually enjoy doing. You have complete dominion of the project. There aren’t any creative directors, account executives or demanding higher ups interjecting their opinions into your work. You and the client are the team. You have creative freedom and you love it. But, damn, is it hard to muster the energy to exert after (or before) hours work. This is all a part of the magnificent balancing act between your freelance and full time responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be such an endeavor, however. When you masterfully blend discipline, honesty, integrity and the maintenance of relationships, your chances for success increase as your chances to stress decrease.


How does a designer stay on top of both worlds? One side pays the bills, the other pays the soul. The process of prioritization and managing time is critical to finesse. It all starts with discipline. Every designer worth their salt has had to experience some trying times in their career. Perhaps you had to stay up all night in college for a project due the next morning. Maybe, your product head dropped a bomb on your team Friday at 5pm. Yet, each time, you put your head down and navigated through the work. This is your discipline. It is not exerted or strengthened when work is easy. Anyone can do that. Anyone can work effortlessly on a project they love under perfect conditions. Your stripes as a designer are shown and earned when you work on something not glamorous or easy because that’s reality. Life isn’t Dribbble. You won’t be creating work to be complimented. You will be creating work to be utilized for someone else’s gain–someone else’s livelihood. The extension of discipline applies when your workload is over saturated. The only way to trim it down is simply to do it. Pros will execute the excess work well. Amateurs will make an ordeal of the work they’ve agreed to do. So, even though on your ride home from work, you’re cursing the next few hours you’ll spend, again, face down in your computer or notebook, you know it’s necessary. You will do it because you’re a professional and because it will be worthwhile. Above all, you’ve agreed to the work and there’s no backing out.

What does being a professional mean? Is it being accoladed with awards or social likes? Is it the prestige of the firm one works for or the exalted clients in one’s portfolio?


It is your ability to get the work done and done with quality. That’s what brings the balance and allows one to do both career and freelance design. A book I highly, highly suggest you read is called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. In it, the author of “The Legend of Bagger Vance” details his overcoming of Resistance–the self-inflicted force of procrastination, laziness and self detriment. He states that “the professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. The professional concentrates on the work and allows rewards to come or not come, whatever they like.” With this attitude, the balancing of a full time career and a side hustle becomes easier to manage. If you’re not conducting your freelance work as professionally as your career work, you can start right now. Start with smaller bites. Your discipline, like design, is a practice. The more and more you consciously do it, the better at it you will become. Don’t expect overnight change. The discipline required to uphold the balance takes time and that’s ok.


Pure discipline burns a finite fuel. It’s effective up front, but begins to empty in the long run. Why? It’s impractical to constantly maintain the balance. It can even be unhealthy. One can tell immediately when freelancing begins to interfere with your day job. At the end of the day, that’s what’s paying the bills and paying your health insurance. To negate its role as the breadwinner is dangerous. Don’t be so quick to burn the candle at both ends.

As soon as freelance work starts hindering your performance in the office, slow down.

Stop pushing. You’ve upset the balance at work and your discipline has lost its ability to steer the ship. This disruption is typically preventable on the front end. You have to ask yourself these questions before taking on additional work:

  1. Is it feasible with my schedule?
  2. Can I truly give it my all outside of my day job?
  3. Is it worth taking on? Make sure the juice is worth the squeeze. Signing a contract for a project that’s not additive to you is a huge mistake!

How do you personally gauge what is worthwhile taking on and what is not? Before you conduct a cost/benefit analysis, you must first accept you’ll be completely honest with yourself. Otherwise, your lie will lead to issues down the road. Examine the budget of the potential client. If you do this work, are the payment installments worth the scope? Is the work interesting, or at least interesting enough for the price? Many times, we take on additional work for sanity’s sake. Our day jobs can be monotonous. If you’re doing mobile design all day, perhaps some small business stationery sounds completely refreshing to you. Examine your client. Qualify their trustworthiness, their competence and their management style. If they’re micromanaging, sketchy or complete luddites, the project may be more of a headache than initially thought.

The honesty with the self will allow the discipline enacted to be easier to muster. Since you already see the landscape ahead, you know where to avoid and where to venture to while piloting the project brilliantly.


Changing directions, designers at some point in time will probably be approached to work on something that may be of conflict of interest with what they do for their employer. They may have signed an NDA or read in their employee manual that working with competitors of their clients or product is in direct violation of their agreement terms. These are treacherous waters. Reason being: you could be offered a lot of money to work on something you’re already, and good at, working on.

Don’t take it.

It’s not worth it, in my opinion. For any word to get back to your employer that you’ve worked for a competitor, you will get busted. That can mean many things–unemployment being the worst.

Back when I worked at an agency, a former higher up wanted to recruit me for a project that was clear, 100% competition to our biggest client. It was tempting to take. It would’ve been good money. Maybe, no one would’ve ever found out. It could have led to project after project and check after check. However, I went through the honesty practice above. I did my own cost benefit analysis and determined that, indeed, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. Since design is such a tight-knit industry in my old town, marring my name as the “turn coat” was horrifying to me. I’m not saying it hasn’t worked out before. I mean, look at Silicon Valley. It’s normal for people to be working on competitor product in hopes that they will make it big over your company’s. That’s a part of their grind. Personally, that existence of being conniving and sleuth is not how I want to practice my design.

Long-Distance Relationship

One of my current freelance clients resides hundreds of miles away. The small, bustling venture kept me on board after I had moved cities. I have, in turn, upheld (and upped) the same respect and attention to the work. Why? They are good people and I’m lucky to work with them. Personally, working with genuine and kind people adds value to my work. It’s always easier to work with considerate and quality humans. Even when I’m driving home in a fogged stupor knowing I have yet more hours to toil on another project, knowing that it’s for friends helps me get through it.

When working full-time with a remote client, the dynamic changes. You can’t meet up after hours for a beer and a meeting. Nor can you work side by side on Saturdays. Now, I have to use my free hour for lunch to make calls or send off emails. I don’t get to directly interface with them. This can put strain on the client-designer relationship. Be sure to reach out to them. Don’t just await contact. Obviously, don’t over do it, but let them know you’re appreciative of their business.

All In all

When it comes down to it, I can’t tell you an exact formula for balance. Your scale is different than mine and the next guy and the next girl and so on. You have to be aware of your balance constantly because the field of design is a shifting landscape. You must enact discipline to ensure you guarantee your clients quality work. You must be honest with yourself when taking on work, when evaluating its worth and your willingness to see it through. Upholding integrity will keep your soul clean. You must maintain your relationship with your clients. They’re people just like you and I. They’re understanding, but also trying to run businesses of their own. You must respect their needs and respect your own. How you balance the worlds of career and freelance design is indeed a balancing act.

It’s up to you to make it rewarding.

About the Author:

Andy McErlean is the Head of Design at Everfest. Slingin’ pixels out of Austin, TX. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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20 Amazing, Professional Font Families at 99% Off

Great news for all of you typography lovers out there! DesignCuts has just released an awesome bundle with 20 high-quality font families at the incredible price of $29 ($2374 – 99% discount – Limited Offer). This is a limited-time collection of expertly-crafted fonts dedicated to graphic / web/ print designers, or simply typography aficionados!

Want to know more about what this deal has to offer?

  • Premier quality fonts from the most popular names in the type world.

What makes a truly great font and how can you be sure are also fully functional and high quality, beyond the beautiful appearance? The fonts in this bundle were created by some popular industry-leading font designers, such as Latinotype, Laura Worthington, and others. This means that every detail from the 190+ individual fronts in this collection has been carefully crafted and refined, so you can be sure you’ll get some of the best, premium fonts on the web.

  • Variety and versatility. 

The fonts in this bundle are not only high-quality but also versatile. The families include multiple weights, extensive language support, glyphs, catchwords, graphical bonuses and more. Remember that these are font families designed by world-class typography specialists!

  • Never worry about font pairing again!

Many font families in this bundle come with complementary font suggestions, so you will know exactly what to use in combination with these creative, unique, stand-out fonts.

  • Get an extended license!

You can use these fonts in commercial work available for resale!

Take a look below at some of the amazing fonts that are part of this incredible collection.

Adorn – Complete Family

Adorn is a font family with a modern, yet quirky look. The set contains seven display fonts for monograms, ornaments, illustrations, banners, frames, and catchwords. This font family can be used for elegant designs in various niches, such as event planning, food & drink, DIY, and more.

Adorn – Complete Family

Beloved – Complete Family

Beloved Script has a romantic and elegant design. This script font has more than 1000 swashes and alternates and it is best used for high-impact headlines and wordmarks.

Beloved – Complete Family

Charcuterie – Complete Family

Charcuterie contains ten typefaces and three ornamental typefaces. This font family is best used for headlines, titling, logos, display, packaging, and signage.

Charcuterie – Complete Family

Boucherie – Complete Family

Boucherie has four distinct display types inspired by the 19th-century French advertising typography.

Boucherie – Complete Family


Prêt-à-porter amazes with its smooth curves and a strong concept, but also because it supports 208 different languages.


Basic Sans

Basic Sans is a sans-serif typeface that can be used for branding projects, posters, headlines and more! It contains 7 weights and supports many languages.

Basic Sans

Latina Complete Font Family

This font family can be used in continuous text and also includes 11 weights, italics and small caps. It comes with 200+ supported languages.

Latina Complete Font Family

Bikini Season

Bikini font family has both sans and script versions that work so well together. It has a more handmade style and some OpenType features and ornaments.

Bikini Season

Money Penny – Typeface

The blend between these script and sans-serif fonts will make your designs stand out. They look feminine and elegant. These fonts come with TTF & OTF formats, plus some BONUSES!

Money Penny – Typeface

Outbound – Signature Font

Both .OTF and .TTF formats are included in this set, as well as web fonts and swashes. It comes with multi-language support and can be used for logos, quotes, book covers and more.

Outbound – Signature Font

The Legend Font Trio + Texture Bonus

These three fonts in this font family were inspired by traditional American typography. The set includes Script, Sans and Serif versions and are best used for vintage designs.

The Legend Font Trio + Texture Bonus

Brushfire Typeface + Extras

This is a delicate, hand-inked display font set that comes packed with useful bonuses and Western European language support.

Brushfire Typeface + Extras

Viva Beautiful Kit

This lovely font family is ideal for fashion, beauty, food, apparel niches and more! It can also be used sparingly on websites and banners.

Viva Beautiful Kit

Joyful Script

This hand-brushed font set is packed with both upper and lowercase characters as well as with punctuation glyphs, numerals, and more.

Joyful Script

November Starlight Font

This hand-painted script font has some really beautiful details. The long vertical brush strokes and hand-painted edges surely make a difference.

November Starlight Font

HYPER DRIVE Font + Extras

This explosive font family was created with some rough brush strokes. it is best used on logos, apparel, quotes, and other similar design projects.

HYPER DRIVE Font + Extras

Midnight Owl Display Font

Midnight Owl is a condensed display font family that comes with basic glyphs, punctuation, and numerals. It has language support too.

Midnight Owl Display Font


Hummington is a script typeface with over 700 characters, elegant details, swashes, ligatures, and multi-language support.


TT Corals

TT Corals is a modern sans-serif font, packed with 6 typefaces.The following weights are available: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Extrabold, Black.

TT Corals


Gilroy is a sans serif with a modern, geometric look. It has 20 weights, 10 uprights and italics. Includes language support.


Get the bundle now at 99% off! 

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Best Blogging Resources Worth Using in 2016

Are you starting a blog for the first time and looking for advice on how to get started? Maybe you’ve been at it a while and want to learn how to improve your writing, grow your email list, or make money blogging. No matter which stage you’re at or what advice you’re looking for, the information and tools are out there. You just have to know where to look. Start by checking out these best blogging resources, listed in alphabetical order.


Canva is a free online graphic design tool that works great for creating featured images, sidebar advertisements, and more. Choose from pre-designed templates, or start with your own dimensions and images. You can always overlay text and other elements to make your images one-of-a-kind. The program is free to use, though some premium images and elements cost $1.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Your headline is one of the most important aspects of your blog posts. A good headline will attract attention and increase traffic. CoSchedule’s free handy headline analyzer tool helps take some of the guesswork out of headline writing by scoring your headline and making suggestions that will help take your title to the next level.

Google Analytics

To keep track of your traffic statistics and to get better ideas of where you can improve your blog, Google Analytics is your go-to tool. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view stats about your site such as page views, bounce rate, average session duration, and more.

Google Webmaster Tools

Another important blogging resource from Google is Google Webmaster Tools. This program will show you what keywords you’re ranking for, where you rank on the page, and how many people click on your link from the search results. Here, you’ll be able to add your sitemap so Google can crawl your site, as well as view data that will give you insight on how to improve your search engine rankings and your traffic.


When you want to deliver high-quality content to your readers, it’s best to make sure it’s error-free. Grammarly helps with that. Simply paste your blog posts into Grammarly’s text box to help eliminate errors and improve clarity. This is a great tool for those who aren’t native English speakers, but it’s also great for those who feel their computer’s word processor doesn’t do enough to help them become a better writer. Grammarly offers both free and paid options.


ProBlogger is an educational resource dedicated to helping you succeed as a blogger. Start by browsing the many articles on the blog, ranging from starting a blog to making money blogging to creating quality content to building a community. ProBlogger also features podcast episodes, eBooks, and tickets to in-person training events that all help you improve your craft. If you want to get a jump-start on making money blogging, they also feature a job board for freelance bloggers.


QuickSproutis another educational resource that focuses on content marketing of all types. However, much of the material on the site will help you in blogging, from coming up with ideas to marketing your blog and more. Start by browsing the QuickSprout blog. If you find that content useful, check out QuickSprout’s free training guides, like The Advanced Guide to SEO or The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience.


SEMrush is among one of the best SEO tools out there for bloggers. Use it to compare your search engine strategies to your competitors’, research keywords, analyze your backlinks, and more. With SEO recommendations, you can get a better feel for how various factors affect your site performance and what you can do to improve your strategies.


SmartBlogger, previously Boost Blog Traffic, is an educational site packed with blog content that will help you grow as a blogger. Learn about authority, design, SEO, WordPress, and more. Additional resources like their free Headline Hacks cheat sheet, as well as private education classes, help you perfect your craft so you can blog more effectively and reach more people.


ThemeForest is an important resource for bloggers on the WordPress platform. This marketplace features thousands of WordPress themes. Bloggers will find it useful for discovering themes that suit their branding, attract attention, and improve conversion rates. These WordPress themes offer premium features so you can build a beautiful site with advanced functions that will make people want to continue coming back.


Trello is a one-stop app for all your productivity needs. Whether you’re running a blog on your own and need to keep track of content ideas or you’re working with a remote team and need to organize your publishing schedule, Trello is a great option for staying on top of everything. Create “boards” to organize your ideas and due dates and to collaborate with team members.

Website Setup

If you’re brand new to blogging and don’t know how to get started, Website Setup is a great place to start. This site offers a free comprehensive guide to help you set up your first self-hosted WordPress site, increase traffic, and start making money blogging. Not only does the site walk you through the first steps, but it delivers extra helpful articles and answers to your most pressing questions.

With these blogging tools and educational resources in mind, you should be able to move forward with launching your blog and growing it into a successful business. Which tools are you enjoying so far?

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WordPress Hosting: Best Tips, Resources and Deals

How to choose the right WordPress hosting? This is always the question to ask yourself when building a WordPress website. There are so many web hosts available, each with their own pros and cons. Most web hosting providers meet the WordPress minimum requirements, while WordPress works best when a feature-rich hosting is used.

What if we told you that it is not that hard to find the web hosting solution that fits your needs and budget? It is just a matter of a few hours.

In this article we’ll review some of the best resources that can help you choose the right WordPress hosting for your or your client’s website. Check the links below and you’ll get detailed answers to your question. Yes, it might take you some time to choose the best hosting for your WordPress website, but you’re building a website for years and you don’t want to transfer it from one host to another, right? Read on and make a wise decision.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

The article reviews different types of web hosting and explains what you need to know to choose the most appropriate hosting for your WordPress website. Also, it compares some of the most reliable WordPress hosting providers based on price, bandwidth, storage space, performance and other aspects. So you will not only learn which hosting providers are better than others, but will know exactly why. Actually, the article gives you a chance to analyze specialized WordPress hosting companies, see how they differ from each other, and finally choose the best from the best.

WordPress Hosting: A What You Need to Know Guide

This comprehensive guide covers the aspects you need to consider when choosing the perfect WordPress hosting for your or your client’s website. Some of them are price, security, backups, disc space and customer support. Also, it reviews some of the best companies which specialize in WordPress hosting. The article will be of interest to you whether you’re building a new WordPress website or transferring your current website to a new host.

9 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting Compared

Managed WordPress Hosting is considered to be the best solution for WordPress users. If you would like to use this type of web hosting, be sure to take a closer look at 9 Managed WordPress hosting providers recommended by WPKube. A detailed description of each hosting provider as well as useful information about the pros and cons of Managed Hosting for WordPress will help you make the right decision. In fact, the article is being constantly updated to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Best WordPress Hosting • TOP 7 Options Compared • 2016

Choice is good, but too many choices make us feel overwhelmed. So it’s nice to find articles which narrow our choice to a few options which really deserve our attention. And here is the article which gives detailed reviews of top 7 WordPress hosting providers. Also, it explains what to look for in your hosting company and helps you make the right choice between different types of web hosting (Managed WordPress Hosting, Unmanaged WordPress Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, VPS WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting). Read this article and see that it’s pretty easy to find the perfect hosting plan for your website.

WordPress Hosting Review 2016: The Results

WPShout has recently announced the results of its annual WordPress Hosting Review. The first review has been published in 2011. According to WPShout “Hosting Review aims to provide genuine, high-quality information on the hosts out there—powered by real data from real people.” So check the results if you trust online reviews and recommendations from real WordPress users.

Bonus: WordPress Hosting Deals

Here are some great web hosting deals offered by trusted hosting providers.

Save up to 60% on SiteGround Plans


SiteGround is a web hosting company that provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and also a feature-rich managed WordPress hosting. Moreover, SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress.org as one of the best WordPress hosting providers. Be sure to consider this company if speed, security and 24/7 expert support really matter to you. In fact, if you decide to go with this web host, you can order free WordPress transfer or free new site setup assistance. As for the savings, they’re really huge: you can get up to 60% off. The discount depends on the plan you choose (StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek).

Save 33% on WPEngine Plans


WP Engine provides managed WordPress hosting for websites of all sizes. The company is known for great support and high level hosting service with a good uptime, speed and security. WP Engine hosting is optimized for WordPress, and it will be a great solution for anyone looking to build a fast and professional WordPress website. The company has different plans with different features and rates (Personal, Professional, Business), so you can easily find the plan that meets your needs. And the good thing is that you can get 33% off for your first 3 months whatever hosting plan you choose.

Save 38% on InMotion Hosting Plans


InMotion Hosting provides different plans and packages, including a special plan for WordPress users. Meaning you can easily start your WordPress website with this hosting provider. The company works hard to ensure you get high-quality web hosting service at an affordable price.

InMotion will be a good choice for both beginners and professional developers because it stands for fast loading time, good security, and great customer support.

More WordPress deals can be found at DesignBombs.


We’ve listed some great resources to help you choose the right WordPress hosting service for your website. Choose wisely. Check the above mentioned articles for recommendations and reviews, think about your hosting needs (speed and performance, uptime, backup, support, security), and build the website you want.

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20 Useful and Free Blank T-Shirt Templates

If you’re looking for free resources for a clothing website or simply for free blank t-Shirt templates on which you can showcase your client’s logo, these freebies will surely be useful to you.

T-shirt mockups are among the most requested mockups on the web. They are very versatile and can be used for various of projects, from t-shirt design, clothing website product showcase, logo canvas, and more.

These templates will allow you to preview how your design will look, before actually printing it on a t-shirt, saving you time and money.

So, here are 20 useful and free blank t-shirt templates which you can download and easily customize with your own design.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This is a long sleeve t-shirt mock-up which will help you showcase your designs in a professional manner and achieve a flawless, photorealistic image.


Best Free T-Shirt Template Designs

This is a free blank Tshirt template in JPG, resolution 300dpi, with clipping mask, saved selection and other customization features.


Women’s Scoop Tee

The Scoop tee template lets you customize your colors, shadows, and highlights.


Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2

This woman t-shirt mock-up is a high-quality freebie with front and back views, which you can use to easily display your apparel design in a realistic way.


Varsity Letterman

The Varsity Letterman Jacket Mock-Up lets you customize the colors of the jacket and the arms, has an artwork mask for seamless design transfer, photorealistic shadow and highlight layers, and more.


Threadless t-shirt

This freebie was created for a contest that asked designers to create a logo for a company that doesn’t exist and place it on a t-shirt.


Folded Sweatshirt Mockup PSD

This is a folded PSD sweatshirt mockup with a label tag. You can easily change the sweatshirt color and add your graphics with the smart layer.


Jumper MockUp PSD

This is a high-resolution PSD mock-up you can use to create a branded crew neck jumper presentation in no time. Just drag and drop your design via smart layer.


Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This is a woman t-shirt mockup that lets you easily place your design via the smart layers, change the color of the t-shirt and edit the background.


Girl Tank Top Mockup PSD

This is a mockup of a beautiful girl in a tank top. which you can use to give your brand a flawless and awesome look.


Baseball Tee PSD

This PSD has custom color layers, real textures and highlights, shoulder and torso layers for 2 color tees, both containing their own Art Layer!


T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2

This is a photorealistic t-shirt mock-up which you can use freely to showcase your apparel design. This PSD mockup provides front and back views of a t-shirt.


Blank Tee Photos

Here’s a huge photo collection of t-shirts, in different colors, on which you can apply your design with ease.


Tshirt Vector: Black Shirt

This is a t-shirt vector image of a black t-shirt. You’ll be able to place your own designs on this t-shirt vector.



Here are product templates for t-shirts that are available in (.EPS) , (.PDF) and (.JPG) formats, unless otherwise indicated.


Men’s T-Shirt MockUp

Check out this neat mock-up that’s perfect for creating a photorealistic display for your t-shirt design. The PSD file includes realistic textures.


T-shirt Template UPDATE

This comes as an .Ait file.. ( Illustrator Template file ) so you can get access to the vector and do whatever you want with it.


Design Examples

Here are some great model shots of all the blank colors. There are dozens of colors to choose from.


Men’s T-Shirt MockUp #2

This is a high-quality t-shirt mock-up with smart objects that will allow you to easily place your design on the t-shirt.


T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This realistic PSD mock-up allows you to showcase your t-shirt designs with ease. Just drag and drop your design using the smart layer.


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20 Beautiful Layers WP Style Kits

If you like working with the popular Layers WP framework, then you’ll most likely love the 20 Layers WP style kits we gathered here in this list.

These Layers WP style kits come with preset layouts and are easy to use and very easy to customize. These style kits are fully responsive in all OS & Browsers and retina ready, so they look great on smartphones, tablet PCs and desktops.

They come with very well written documentation, support and tons of useful features to help you create beautiful websites in no time!

Check them out!

myLab – Layers WordPress Style Kit

This style kit comes with All-in-One WP Migration, photo gallery, WP Blog and Widget, Contact Form 7, Recent Posts Widget Extended, SKT Skill Bar, Twitter modules and more!


Amaz – Layers WordPress Style Kit

This is a fully customizable style kit with responsive design and multi-browser support. It is packed with font awesome icons and has an optimized and clean code.


Ground0 – Night Club Layers WP Style Kit

Ground0 – Night Club Layers WP Style Kit is a responsive style kit with a creative, clean and professional design.


Ocean Hotel – Layes WP Style Kit

Ocean is a responsive style kit for Layers with a user-friendly interface and a creative and professional design.


IFEL | Layers WordPress Style Kits

IFEL is a 100% responsive style kit for LayersWP WordPress Site Builder. It comes with a clean and minimal style that suits most creative fields. It is also easy to use and customize.


MoGo – Layers WordPress Style Kit

This kit has multicolor Subscribe widget, photo gallery, WP blog and widget modules and more!


Freedom | Layers WordPress Style Kits

Freedom is a responsive style kit for LayersWP WordPress Site Builder with a minimal style suitable for creative niches.


Indent – Studio Portfolio Style Kit for Layers

INDENT amazes with its clean and minimal style and professional design. It is perfect for any kind of niche.


THETHEME | Layers WP Style Kit

This is a style kit built for Layers with 10 layouts and multiple screens, such as Portfolio Page, Blog Page, Contact, Brands, About Us, Video Screen, Statistics, Team, Clients, and more.


Xtreme – Layers Style Kit

Xtreme is a responsive style kit for LayersWP that can be used by corporate businesses and start-up companies. It has a flat design and modern, clean look.


Freeman – Personal CV & Resume Style Kit

Freeman is a clean, minimalist and well-crafted style kit for Layers. that can be used on any site built with the Layers plugin for WordPress.


Agencia – Agency Style Kit for Layers

Agencia is a modern, flat style kit for Layers. which can be used by any niche and with the Layers plugin.


InspaKit – Multi-Purpose LayersWP Style Kit

InspaKit is a responsive, multi-purpose style kit for the Layers Framework. It is suitable for Agencies, Creative companies, Creative bloggers.  and freelancers.

layers style kit

Dinasu – LayersWP Style Kit for Hotels

Dinasu is powered by the Layers Builder and can be used by motels, private apartments, hotels and more. It offers easy color and image selection with many design settings that can help you transform your website.


Layers WP Style Kit – Impeccable

Impeccable is a responsive style kit for the Layers Word Press Site Builder with a creative and clean design, on all of its pages.


Ubiquity – Professional LayersWP Style Kit

Ubiquity is a responsive business style kit for the LayersWP that’s built using the latest HTML5/CSS3 features and it is suitable for creative companies or agencies.


Foodlly | Layers Style Kit – Restaurant Menu

Foodly is a creative, clean and professional style kit, that is well designed, tested, documented. It is easily customizable and ideal for restaurants, hotels, event companies, etc.


KITKAT – Business Layers WP Style Kit

KITKAT is a responsive styles kit for the Layers Framework. It was built using HTML5/CSS3 and it is suitable for creative companies and freelancers.


HIT – LayersWP WordPress Style Kit

HIT Stye Kit comes with 5 different home page layouts that include all the necessary sections and blocks. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for all purposes and goals and any kind of niche.


Moon — Mobile App Layers WP Style Kit

This kit was created for mobile or desktop app websites. It has a clean design and comes with a few custom pre-built layouts that you can use.


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