40 WordPress Themes for Photo Galleries

Be it a fashion blog, a travel journal, a lifestyle blog, a photography portfolio or anything else, these 40 WordPress themes for photo galleries will surely be a good fit for your visual-focused online project.

These great themes have a strong accent on images, but without neglecting typography, readability and user-friendliness. These themes are a great match for any creative authors , writers, bloggers, and photographers.

The great thing about these themes is that they have awesome photo galleries. Most of them come in various customizable styles, such as masonry, grid, fullscreen and more. You even et mobile-friendly photo galleries, with swipeable pictures and retina-ready/fully responsive designs.

Check them out!


Pasific theme has a more corporate look and an accent on visual elements. Its built-in gallery system has some useful features which will enhance your work.

1-Pasific---Retina-Responsive-WordPress-Theme WordPress Themes for Photo Galleries


With this great theme, you get an unlimited number of page design combinations. It also comes with WordPress LIVE Theme Customizer and the awesome Visual Composer Page Builder included.



Vardy is a responsive theme, giving you the perfect user experience on all devices. It has a boxed or fullwidth layout and two awesome plugins included: Slider Revolution and Visual Composer.



Mono is a modular WordPress blogging theme with a flexible design and widget-powered layouts, thanks to the built-in custom section widgets that come with the theme.



CheerUp is a theme with built-in modern design choices and packed with over 100 possible layout combinations. It is perfect for visual-focused blogs.



ZAG is a creative portfolio theme with an amazing 3D Effect, layout options, and easy setup. This was built on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.



This theme has a clean minimal design, modular system with 34 modules integrated, 15 pre-built layouts, dark & light versions, and more! It it also fully responsive, offering a smooth experience on all platforms.



Escher comes with an easy-to-use, powerful admin interface and a useful one-click import of the demo site. It is perfect for blogs, having multiple customizable blog layouts.



Amelia is a stylish and highly functional theme for bloggers and magazines. It comes with multiple page layouts for homepage, blog pages and more.



Sceno is an elegant and modern multi-purpose theme with lots of theme options and an intuitive theme customizer.



Schiller is a clean and elegant blogging WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for bloggers, designers, photographers and other creatives.



This is a theme with a timeline blog layout that comes with 5 Google Fonts, WooCommerce integration, 6 gallery styles, page elements options, and a responsive design.



This photo-focused WordPress theme was specifically crafted to showcase your work in an appealing way. It offers a perfect solution for photgraphy enthusiasts.



Marco is a clean and minimal WordPress theme for blogs and magazines. This theme has a fully responsive layout so it looks great on all devices, and also comes with predefined styling for blog posts.


Red Art Photography 

The RedArt WordPress theme is great for any portfolios for any kind of creative people, not only photographers. It is ideal for artisans, designers, collectors, photographers, creators and more.



This is a theme that stands out due to its wonderful aesthetics along with excellent options and settings.It comes with quality support for their users and customers as well.



Moroko is modern, clean theme with multiple functions and professional design. This template is great for any type of portfolio and even for blogs.



The theme is packed lots of useful options via the WordPress Customizer which previews your site in real time. You can even add your own Custom CSS and customize it even more.



Miami is a WordPress theme with a focus on 2 basic colors dark gray and white. The template can be used by photographers or any other kind of artists.



Foster is a unique and modern business theme for WordPress. This theme was built with Bootstrap and it is powered by Visual Composer. It is very versatile and can be used by companies from almost any niche.



Benedict is a stylish and unique WordPress theme, perfect for any bloggers or creative artists. It comes with a highly customizable photo gallery you’ll love.



Adventure is a powerful fullscreen photography theme with animations and parallax scrolling. It will definitely catch your visitors’ attention.



Latte is a modern, responsive WordPress blog theme perfect for a personal blogs or magazines. It is highly customizable and has a lot of great theme options.



Oilumeo is WordPress theme, designed for professional photographers. This theme has a modern and simple concept and a very attractive photo gallery.



Storyteller is intended for visual storytelling and photo blogging. It is a good choice for personal blogs or magazines and comes with a lovely photo gallery page.


Trasua – Creative Agency WP Theme

Trasua is a Visual Composer-powered theme, with a responsive layout. This theme was built with a mobile-first approach and it is coded with LESS CSS.


TwoFold Photography 

This is another great WordPress theme for photography portfolios. Its photo gallery is remarkable and packed with lots of customization features.



This theme has a premium slider included, it is fully customizable, has a quick & easy setup (demo data included), and more!



Adriana is a visually appealing fashion blog theme. This theme is very easy to use, has fast loading times and it is ready to be monetized!



Rigel is a creative WordPress theme for portfolio showcases and blogging. It comes with plenty of layout designs, plus it’s ultra-simple to use!



Valeria is a fully responsive WordPress theme for professional photographers and any other type of creatives. It has a simple, minimal and elegant design with clean layouts.



Overlap comes with unique layout designs for showcasing your work and includes smart theme options so you can easily customize every aspect of your site.



Minelight is a fresh, clean, minimalist portfolio theme which can also be used as a multipurpose theme, due to its incredible design flexibility.



Pixo theme can be used in a lot of different ways. The photo gallery has some cool and unique features you can use to customize the user’s viewing experience.



Smarty is a fullscreen WordPress theme with an advanced structure. It’s extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. This theme is suitable for every type of business but it is targeted mainly to photographers.


The One 

The-One is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. This theme is excellent for news, magazine, publishing or review websites.



Burouc is a clean, modern and adaptable WordPress theme. It is most suitable for personal, travel, or lifestyle blogs. You can proudly display your favorite pictures in its awesome photo gallery.



DotFolio is a clean portfolio created to showcase the work of creative people. It is very easy to customize to fit your personal needs.



Stig is multi-purpose WordPress theme with built-in e-commerce support (Woo Commerce) and multiple useful customization features.



LaRead is remarkable due to its increased flexibility. It comes with 17 different post formats and useful visual elements.


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How to Use Icons in Web Design | 20 Examples

Icons are very versatile and they can be used in different parts of a website, from headers and menus to lists and content. Because they have a condensed size and increased versatility, they have been used more and more to transmit information in an effective manner.
Icons are usually small pictures or symbols that intuitively show the content of your website. They can also be larger, becoming illustrations, and used in headers, on homepages, in graphic representations of the content, and more.

There are many ways you can use icons on a website. If you want to learn how to use icons in web design, you should check out the website examples we selected, in the list below. 

Heroic Labs

  1. Use icons in vector illustrations. | You can use icons as part of a more complex vector illustration. The result can be quite impressive, if designed right.


327 Creative Studio

2. Use large icons for categories. | You can use icons to visually describe a specific category on a website. Theis way it will be much more effective than just using texts.



3. Use complex icons. | Icons don’t have to be simple. You can create more complex icons, with more details, for a visual representation of a certain part of your website. See the example below.



4. Make them small, but unique. | Icons can be successfully part of a heading and they will help you better deliver your content.



5. Use icons as separators. | Here is an example of how icons can be used to create a beautiful and very detailed website section separator.



6. Use subtle icons. | Icons don’t always have to be bold and colorful. You can opt for a more subtle look and choose some light grey icons. See the example below.


Visit Humboldt

7. Use unique/unusual icons. | This website combines music with animations and tops it all with some unique icons which also serve as navigation!



8. Use decorative icons. | Icons don’t always have to be functional. You can use them as decorations in separators or embellishments of your design.


Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company

9. Use icons to create a pattern. | If you use multiple icons and arrange them in a certain way, you can also create a beautiful pattern. See this example.



10. Use generic symbol icons. | If you want to transmit an information in a quick and effective manner, use some symbol icons everyone knows!


Little Flyers

11. Use icons in logos. | Icons can also be a part of a logo. See this creative example below.


SB Joinery

12. Use outline icons. | Outline icons are perfect for minimalist, clean websites. In the example below, they were used for the categories of the website, for a quick and more visual representation.


Shape Christmas

13. Use icons in animations. | This website has some very cute animations, all created using small, custom-made icons / illustrations.



14. Use them in the header. | This is a great example of how you can use icons in the header of your website, to enhance some key info like telephone number, email, and more.

23 EasyWeb - WP Theme For Hosting, SEO and Web-design Agencies


15. Use round-shaped colorful icons for different sections of your site. | See the example below. They are effective and guide the visitor’s attention to what’s important.

8 Ryla - Multipurpose Single

Seo Company

16. Use specific icons for your services. | This website uses some colorful outline icons to visually represent each one of their services.

13 Seo


17. Use simple icons for describing steps. | This website uses simple, small icons for a visual representation of their How It Works section.


Purgo Tea

18. Place icons on a photo background. | Check out the Purgo TeaTox benefits section of this website and see how icons can be placed on a photograph background and look amazing.



19. Use icons to facilitate navigation. | Take a look at the What We Offer section of this homepage and see how icons can be used to facilitate navigation.

16 Canava - Logistics and Business WordPress Theme

Yogurt Lab

20. Use icons in infographics. | This website has a lovely infographic illustration to show their How It Works system. Check it out!


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20 Website Designs with an Aged / Vintage / Retro Style

In web design, an aged style describes an outdated and/or old-fashioned design style. It can be associated with the vintage and retro styles.

A website design with an aged style adds a dynamic, functional, fun feel to a website. It can even look modern if used properly. This trend can be seen on all kinds of sites, from online shops and corporate sites to personal sites like portfolios and blogs. It is also seen in all kinds of niches, from food and drink to even architecture and fashion.

This collection of website designs with an aged style is just one perspective on the vintage/retro genre. Check them out and let yourself be inspired! Enjoy!


This country-style piece seems to be straight out of the past and in this case, the cowboys time. This website is loaded with retro goodness, from typography to great photography.

1-Trainrobber Website Designs with an Aged Style

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

This website uses a lovely vintage script, super dynamic and likely custom. It stands out and makes the website design truly unique.

2-Chamberlain's-Leather-Milk Website Designs with an Aged Style

Fall TN Vacation

This is a very simple website design with a beautiful choice of typography. It successfully blends the handwritten font with the more vintage-style typography.



The bold sans serif is paired with a vintage and textured font to add to its retro vibe. Great choice of fonts for this aged style website!


Collette Dinnigan

This is a lovely website design with a handmade feel. It uses hand-drawn images and a lovely font with flourishes and an energetic retro feel.


Trellis Farm & Garden

This website design uses black and white photos, old paper textures and a vintage color palette to recreate a vintage atmosphere.


Vintage Hope

The sepia filters make this website look aged and retro. It has a perfect font choice as well and a complementary color palette.


St. Louis Browns Historical Society

Ths website uses old photos as a background. The font is modern, but has an aged texture added to it, which enhances the vintage vibe of the whole design.


Moonshine Grill

Here is a great font featuring beautiful, retro ligatures. The website also uses great, dark textures, which make the texts stand out.



The monochrome palette contributes to enhancing the aged style of this website design. It has some retro-inspired web elements as well.


Bar Polski by Gustaw Dmowski

Sepia effects, grainy background, retro fonts, this website design has it all! Check out the whole website and let yourself be inspired!



This website design features a custom piece of lettering, which is dynamic, like most retro scripts, and has a vibrant, fun look.


Bay Street Biergarten

This website design opted for a retro vibe, using rounded corners, a limited color palette, and simple illustrations. It looks amazing!


Website design for Tallahassee

This whole website has an old school, elegant feel. Even though it uses lots of retro elements, it still looks contemporary and modern.



Simple, friendly illustrations are components of vintage pieces, and this website makes great use of them. It also uses large, bold, vintage typography. Check it out!


Macaroni bros

This website uses a retro typography set and a retro color palette. It combines beautiful photography with subtle, aged elements. Check it out!



This site screams vintage! From typography to illustrations and photography, this website has it all. It looks amazing!


Cascade Brewery

This website design has a monotone color palette, a custom type and quirky illustrations. It has a great aged style you’ll find interesting.


The Society, Inc.

From fonts to illustration and even website layout, all of this website’s design elements help create a vintage vibe.


Austin Eastciders

This brand uses an eye-catching white and vintage-inspired type to create an elegant label. The whole website looks retro, but modern in the same time!


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40 Inspiring WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

Do you enjoy traveling? Have you thought about writing on a blog and describing your experiences? You can set up a travel blog in just a couple of minutes, with any one of these 40 inspiring WordPress themes for travel blogs.

All of these WordPress themes have elegant designs, beautiful typography and thoughtful options for you to customize your website easily. All of the features these WP themes have are carefully selected specifically for travel blogs. They optimize the user experience and offer maximum customization!

We selected some of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs you can choose from. These are lightweight, fast themes that were optimized for best performance and SEO.

Here they are!


EightyDays is a beautiful WordPress travel theme for writing and sharing your traveling experiences, the places you visited and the amazing photos you took.



Burouc is a clean, modern and highly adaptable WordPress theme, perfect for personal, travel and/or lifestyle blogs. It is visual-oriented, making it perfect for travel blogs.



This is a clean, simple, beautiful and creative theme for any kind of blogger. It offers a wide range of customization features.



This theme is ideal for travel and lifestyle blogs. It has a minimalist design, emphasizing your content. It comes with many features, such as featured area, sticky posts carousel, social share buttons with counters, custom Instagram widget, custom recent posts widget, and more.


Cook Traveler

This is a clean & minimal blog theme that works with WP 4+ and has a fully responsive design. It has a 1 Click demo install, retina ready design and multiple layouts to choose from.



Avocet is a beautiful WordPress blog theme for lifestyle and travel bloggers. You can customize it easily to fit your own personal brand.



Andria is a clean and minimal WordPress blog theme with a user-friendly layout that focuses on simplicity and readability.



Check out this fully responsive WordPress blogging theme, ideal for travel and lifestyle bloggers alike. It is very easy to customize and set up and has a bunch of useful features.


Travel Time 

Travel Time is a perfect theme for all sorts of travel websites (travel agencies, hotels, blogs about traveling, resorts, adventure parks and tour companies). All the needed special travel and tourism niche features are included in the theme.



If you are a traveler and want to start a blog, this may be is the most suitable theme for you! It is optimized for monetization and lead collecting, making it perfect for online marketers as well.



Noemi is a pure and simple WordPress blog theme for bloggers. It has flexible features and a creative design.



This is a clean, simple and elegant theme for creative bloggers. This theme is very easy to customize and has all the needed features for a travel blog.



Amory stands out with its modern and minimalist design. The great thing about it is that it has a design that focuses on your content.



What is remarkable about Baseline theme is its pixel-perfect typography and slick design. This theme is packed with multiple layouts and smart customization options.



This great theme was built for bloggers and has a bold, clean and creative look. It is packed with a multitude of options and versatility is its strong point.



Patricia is an ultra-clean blog theme that has a distraction-free design and lets visitors focus on what you write, rather than on useless animations and design tricks.



Solstice is a versatile and powerful, multipurpose WordPress blog theme perfect for any personal blog. It comes with over 140 styling options for you to choose from.



Exploore is modern WordPress Theme for travel websites, travel agencies, travel blogs and more travel-related businesses. It will help your online business grow!



Subha is a responsive blog theme with an intuitive drag and drop page builder and an excellent options panel. Set up your website within few minutes.



Hipsteria is a powerful, multipurpose WordPress blog theme perfect for travel and personal blogs, packed with over 120 styling options.



Maverick has lots of customization options which make changing colors, fonts, and other elements as easy as possible. This theme has a clutter-free design, perfect for minimalist bloggers.



Storyteller is a good choice for a personal or travel blog. It has a creative, interesting design and it is packed with a ton of useful features for easy customization.



Glaucia is a WordPress blogging theme suitable for bloggers. It was built to support a wide-range of blog niches like fashion, lifestyle, travel, DIY and personal blogs.



Himmelen is an easy to setup and install WordPress theme with lots of customization options and useful features for a successful travel blog.



Lucymoni is a cool blog and magazine theme, best suited for personal blogging, travel magazines, and more!



Blogum is an all-purpose WordPress blog theme which can be used for travel, food, life, programming, everyday, fashion blogs and more.


Big Travel 

Big Travel is a responsive WordPress theme, crafted for travel sites and blogs. This theme is usability-driven and has power features required by travel sites.



Ringo is a clean and responsive blogging theme design, suitable for any kind of blog. Set it up in just a couple of minutes, with the easy installation process it comes with.



Sukawati is a clean blog for travel bloggers. It has some great graphics both you and your readers will enjoy.



Flatness is WordPress theme designed for personal blogs. This may be the theme you are looking for. It has lots of customization options and support!



This theme comes with unlimited colors, dozens of configurable options, WordPress Live Customizer, and more! Customize your website easily, with these theme.



Lee is a minimal & clean WordPress theme for bloggers. Its creative design comes with awesome shortcodes to make your blogging experience even easier.



TheM is a minimal and creative WordPress theme for bloggers. TheM gives will make your blog feel elegant, creative and inspiring to your readers.



INNOVATION is WordPress theme packed with tons of features, such as 1 Click Installer, powerful Page Builder, 6 months support and more.



Fotomag is a minimalist blog that was created to be anti-bloatware. It follows a great blogging experience and easy customization.



Elvira is a WordPress blogging theme suitable for bloggers. It also has a responsive design, which makes it look perfect on all devices.



Schema WordPress theme is a 100% responsive blog theme. It is very versatile, making it ideal for any kind of blogging niche.


Sweet Diamond 

Sweet Diamond is a clean and elegant theme which you can use to create your travel blog in minutes! It is packed with useful features you’ll love.



Caprisa is a beautiful WordPress and WooCommerce theme. It is a more visual-oriented theme, without clutter and noise.



Pick is clean blogging theme, with a powerful admin panel and a pack of essential features. This blogging theme is simple and elegant, suitable for any kind of personal, travel, hobby, or other kind of blog.


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20 Impressive Websites with Unique Illustrations

A website that uses good illustration and animation will always be impressive and attract the visitors’ attention. Illustrations can turn an average website into a really unique one and enhance the company’s branding strategy.

There are many types of illustration techniques used today in web design. The first thing that pops up into our minds is the extremely popular flat design trend. It is frequently used in illustrations as well. There are also 3D illustrations or illustrations with subtle gradients and even textures. All of them are unique in their own way.

Some of the websites we selected, in the list below, go above and beyond with beautiful illustrations. They surely stand out from the rest and will prove to be a valuable source of web design inspiration.

Check out our hand-picked selection of impressive websites with unique illustrations and let us know your favorite choices!

Discovery Theme

Discovery is a great website design for designers and agencies. It comes as a theme and uses illustration, icons, and animation, all in a one-page layout. It also includes useful sections for About Us, Services, Team, Portfolio and Blog.


In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species

With a little creativity, color, and compelling illustrations you can surely change a website’s image and increase the impact it makes on your visitors! This is a great example!


Rock Group Infographic Theme

Rock Group is a unique and highly customizable infographic / illustration theme. This theme includes infographic elements such as pie graphs, diagrams, progress circles and more. Everything on it can be customized.


Hunger Crunch

This website uses a completely illustrated background. It looks pretty amazing and it fits the website’s purpose very well.

4-Hunger-Crunch websites with unique illustrations

Miki Mottes

This is another website that uses a completely illustrated design. Even the menu is illustrated! It looks pretty amazing and it really shows the designer’s amazing illustrating skills.


Stop the Vultures

This website design opted for a more subtle, laid-back approach. It uses flat-styled illustrations masterfully.


The Society, Inc.

This website combines vintage elements with hand-drawn illustrations, giving the whole website a lovely, aged atmosphere.


Brad Haynes

This is a portfolio website for the product designer, Brad Haynes. It uses the flat design trend successfully and has a couple of minimalist illustrations on it.



Combine vibrant colors with simple, yet beautiful illustrations and you’ve got a recipe for success! Check out this website design and see the wonderful illustrations it uses as featured images for the blog posts.



This website uses more realistic illustrations, with very well made textures and details. Check it out!


Odd Pears

Combining illustrations with beautiful product photography is always a win-win situation! Check out this fashion website and be inspired.


Script & Seal

Lots of amazing illustrations can be found in this portfolio website. It is an inspiration and it will surely be worth bookmarking.

11-Script-&-Seal websites with unique illustrations

Brave People Social

Bold texts, simple typography, dark background and unique illustrations, this is what makes a great homepage design. Check out the whole website for more details.



This website combines futuristic/abstract illustrations with subtle animation effects and it does it successfully! Check it out!



Take a look at this simple, flat, but very effective design. It emphasizes what’s important on a page and guides the visitor through the layout, in a simple and functional manner.


Metaverse Mod Squad

This is a one-page website with lovely illustrations, animation effects and retro design elements. Take a look at its wonderful design details and be inspired.


True Detective

This is an updated graphic tribute to the HBO TV show – True Detective. It uses awesome illustrations on a black background.


Mike Kus

This is another portfolio website with a minimalist design, which is abundant with awesome illustrations. Check it out!


One Design Company

This website combines minimalism with flat design and illustrations. It does it masterfully. The one-color palette suits the whole concept.


Alchemy Digtial

This is a website design for an agency activating in the digital marketing niche. It is a portfolio and showcases soma amazing illustrations as well.

19-Alchemy-Digtial websites with unique illustrations

A.H.A Design

This is another company portfolio website, this time for architecture, graphic and product design. It has an interesting website design and you should browse their portfolio as well.

20-A.H.A-Design websites with unique illustrations


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25 New Javascript and jQuery plugins for your Web & Mobile Projects

Looking for the latest Javascript and jQuery plugins for your web & mobile projects? Here they are! We selected some new Javascript and jQuery plugins for you, which will help you add awesome functionalities to your websites!

Below, we’ll feature some new and useful JavaScript and jQuery plugins and libraries which can help you discover cool tools that you could use in your next projects.

These Javascript and jQuery plugins and libraries will help you solve some specific problems you may encounter why web developing. They were created to solve some frequently occurring problems for web developers and you should have them bookmarked or downloaded for later use.

Here they are!


Lightgallery.js is a flexible JavaScript plugin that will help you create awesome lightbox galleries. This plugin is fully responsive, supports touch gestures and includes many useful options.

1-Full-featured-JS-plugin-for-lightbox-galleries Javascript and jQuery plugins


Flatpickr is a plugin built with javascript that generates date/time pickers that can be included in your website or app. This is a very powerful and lightweight plugin.



ScrollTrigger is a lightweight javascript library that you can use to trigger classes on HTML elements based on scroll position. Create nice scroll animations with just few custom lines of CSS, with this great library.



Switch is a simple javascript plugin for creating iOS-style switches from simple checkboxes. It also has a set of options (size, colour, text, etc.) and callbacks.


Auto-hiding header with CSS and jQuery

This is a cool tutorial that will show you how to easily create a Medium-style auto-hiding header with few lines of CSS and jQuery. Check it out!


Algolia Places

Algolia Places is a JavaScript plugin that turns any input into a beautiful and easy-to-use address with an autocomplete component. It uses OpenStreetMap’s open source database.

6-Address-autocomplete-plugin Javascript and jQuery plugins


Barba.js is a lightweight and dependency-free javascript plugin. You can use it to create smooth transitions on your website.


Pointy Slider

Pointy Slider is a CSS and jQuery powered slideshow with sliding panels that unveil background images.

8-slideshow-based-on-panels Javascript and jQuery plugins

Presentation slideshow template

This is a simple presentation template, coded with few lines of CSS and jQuery. You can use it to create beautiful web slides. Free snippet is offered.

9-Presentation-slideshow-template Javascript and jQuery plugins


Mojs is a motion graphic javascript library for the web for creating stunning animations.



Unslider is an easy to install jQuery plugin you can use to create simple carousels.

11-Unslider Javascript and jQuery plugins

Sliding out panels with HTML & CSS

This is a quick tutorial that teaches you how to create a website hero made of sliding panels with few lines of HTML, CSS and javascript.



Roll.js is a tiny javascript library that helps you keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination.



Minigrid is a minimal and lightweight javascript plugin for creating masonry grid layouts.



Chocolat.js is a free jQuery plugin for creating lightboxes. This is a lightweight, responsive and very powerful plugin.



Pt.js is a javascript plugin for creating interactive backgrounds with points, forms, and spaces .


Animated page transition with Ajax

This is a tutorial that shows you how to create an Ajax powered page transition, with a slide-in content animation triggered by a side tabbed navigation.


Product grid with filter system

Check out this ready-made example of a product grid with filtering system using Isotope. It comes as a tutorial with free snippets.


Color extraction effect with Vibrant.js

This is another great tutorial about creating a little slideshow with a color palette creation effect using CSS Filters and Vibrant.js.



iconate.js is a powerful and small javascript library for cross-browser icon transformation animations.


Page scroll effects

Check out this mini-library including 8-page scroll effects you can use for your silders.


ReadRemaining.js jQuery plugin

ReadRemaining.js is a jQuery plugin that tells your readers how long they’ll need to read your article.



Slideout.js is a lightweight and dependency-free plugin for creating a slide navigation menu for web and mobile apps.


Grid item animation layout

This is a responsive website layout with a grid item animation effect that triggers when opening the content.



Layzr.js is a small, fast, and dependency-free library for lazy loading images. It maximizes speed by keeping options to a minimum.


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20 Sleek WordPress Themes for Beauty Blogs

Check out these 20 sleek WordPress themes for beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs and even complex, women magazine websites! These are some fast WordPress themes that are un-bloated and coded to the highest standards.

With these great themes, you can focus on content creation and the theme will do the rest. Their functionality makes it easy for visitors to browse your blog’s content, so they spend more time enjoying your articles, which leaves them wanting to come back for more.

These WordPress themes for beauty blogs are also very easy to customize, maintain and use on a daily basis. Most of them come with an integrated one-click install feature and complete documentation.

These themes are designed to be minimal from the start and every element of the website is well-tailored to focus on simplicity and content. All of these WordPress themes for beauty blogs are also 100% responsive, that means they will perfectly fit any kind of devices, in different sizes.

Check out these lightweight, fast and is optimized for best performance and SEO themes and choose the one perfect for your purpose.

Mestyle – Beauty Blog Responsive WordPress Theme

Mestyle Blog WordPress theme is the perfect WP template for any beauty or lifestyle blogger. It has a clean, modern, responsive design that will make your content shine.


Falive – Beautiful Creative & Fashion Blog Theme

Falive is a clean-styled blog for lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, and any creative folks who love to write. It is packed with all kinds of useful features for bloggers.


Mara – Beautiful Photo WordPress Blog Theme

Mara is a beautiful, responsive WordPress theme for bloggers, photographers and for those who want to tell stories through images. The theme has a clean and minimal layout which makes it very easy to read. Can be easily adapted for lifestyle and beauty bloggers as well.


Daily – A Beautiful WordPress Blog & Photo theme

This theme is perfect for beauty and fashion bloggers who want to deliver more visual-centered content on their blogs. Bloggers with an interest in photography or photographers with an interest in blogging will love this theme.


Malena | A Fashionable Blog Theme

Malena is beautiful, simple blog theme with Kingcomposer page builder, fully responsive design, many different home pages, built-in contact form, built-in ad widget, and more!


Hague – Lifestyle & Magazine WordPress Theme

This great theme comes with a page builder: Visual Composer, responsive design, multiple layouts for homepage and 4 post formats and 6 standard post styles, related posts, post navigation, author box,and more.


Christina – Fashion & Lifestyle Responsive Magazine Theme

This is a lightweight theme but packed with many useful customization options so you can modify the theme exactly as you want.


Setwood – Responsive WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

Setwood is a clean, user-focused blog and shop theme with plenty of great layout options and features. It is perfect for various blogging niches.


Paperbox – Modern WordPress Blog Theme

Paperbox offers five unique & beautiful ways to present your content, posts and pages. Check out the demo and let yourself be inspired. It can be easily customized to fit any kind of beauty blog.


Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WP Theme

This WP theme comes with 200+ sliders and blog combinations, category mega menu, 100% responsive design, a gallery with a lot of styles, and more awesome features.


Raita – Minimal WordPress Theme for Writers

Raita is simple, clean, minimal and easy to customize WordPress theme for bloggers. It’s built with the most popular HTML-CSS Framework – Bootstrap.


Olivia – Clean & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Olivia is a Personal Blog Responsive WordPress Theme with many features such as easy to use Post/Page composer (Visual Composer), on-click Theme Options, responsive design and much more.


Loma – The Ultimate WP Blog Theme

Loma is a responsive, retina-ready and easy to use WordPress theme. This theme comes with 4 different styles and unlimited customization possibilities.

13 Loma - The Ultimate WP Blog Theme

Azura – Clean & Minimal Blog WordPress

Azura is beautiful, clean & minimal blog WordPress template for bloggers, that was designed with great attention to details.


Ashley – A WordPress Blog Theme

Ashley is a responsive WordPress Blog Theme, created using the Underscores framework. This theme comes with a beautiful featured post widget, 6 different post formats, 5 different widgets, 3 different page templates, 8 different widgets and up to 8 sidebar areas.

15 Ashley - A WordPress Blog Theme

Aspire – News & Magazine Clean WordPress Theme

Aspire is a modern, clean, minimal theme for WordPress that was created for those who want a minimal and beautiful online magazine or personal blog.


EightyDays – A WordPress Travel Theme For Travel Blogs

EightyDays is a beautiful WordPress theme that is perfectly suitable for a traveling blog or magazine. It can be easily adapted for beauty and lifestyle blogs as well. The theme has an elegant appearance and beautiful typography.


PinThis – Pinterest Style WordPress Theme

PinThis is Pinterest inspired WordPress theme that comes with a lot of customization options. PinThis is a cutting-edge, masonry based, multi-purpose theme.


TheM – Minimal Creative WordPress Blog Theme

TheM is a minimal and creative WordPress theme for bloggers. TheM gives your blog an elegant touch and it is perfect for beauty and lifestyle bloggers.


Noemi – Lifestyle Blog Theme

Noemi is a pure and simple WordPress blog theme with a flexible functionality. Noemi theme focuses on creativity and looks great on beauty and lifestyle blogs.


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20 Best Web Design Freebies Websites

Looking for some of the best web design freebies websites? Then you should bookmark this page! We selected here some of our favorite web design freebies websites which offer tons of free resources for web designers and web developers, some even on a daily basis!

Free vectors, PSDs, website templates, mockups and more, you will find any resource you need, right on these websites. All of the freebies provided were created by professional designers and most of them are also free for commercial use!

Check them out! Do you think there are other websites which should be included in this list?Let us know in the comment section below.

Web Design Dev

On WebDesignDev you will find plenty of design inspiration, learn how to design a website, get the latest web design freebies, check out free web design tutorials and much more!



On this website, you can download from hundreds of free PSDs & free PSD website templates & UI kits.



Freebiesbug is a web design blog showcasing free high-quality design resources like PSD files, HTML website templates, fonts and other cool stuff.


Sketch App Sources

This website offers the largest collection of free and premium Sketch resources for mobile, web, UI, and UX designers working with Sketch.



On this website, you will find resources such as PSD freebies, HTML snippets, design inspiration & tutorials, and more.


Graphic Burger

Get some fresh design resources made with care for each pixel. These are free for both personal & commercial use. Check them out!



On this website, you can find 1000+ design freebies made by Dribbble users. Browse and download the ones you like most.


Browser Sketch Sheets

This website provides a large sketch sheets collection with many different canvases, grids, and PSD grid templates. Any sketch sheet is a ready-to-print A4 PDF template.

8 sneak-peek-it

Pixel Buddha

PixelBuddha offers both exclusive free and premium high-quality resources for web designers and web developers.


UI Space

This website offers high quality, hand-crafted PSDs and AI freebies, free fonts, mockups, the latest free icons sets and other free vector resources.



On this website, you will find some beautiful hand-picked freebies from the Dribbble community. Download free icons, mockup devices, vector elements, kits, wireframes, and more.



This site offers more than a million free vectors, PSD, photos and free icons. These are the exclusive freebies and all graphic resources that you need for your projects.


Mockup world

Get tons of free and legal, fully layered, easily customizable photo realistic PSDs. These free mockups are ready to use in your projects, app showcases, and presentations!



Pixeden provides high quality, premium and free web resources and graphic design templates.


Free Design Resources

Free Design Resources is a site dedicated to helping you find the best, high-quality design resources for free. The freebies come from some amazing artists and professional designers around the world.



GraphicsFuel provides high-quality free PSD files and premium design resources including graphics, textures, icons, backgrounds, website templates and more.



Dribbble is an online community for showcasing user-made artwork. If you search for ‘freebies’ you will find tons of free resources you can download.


Premium Pixels

This website offers a great collection of free design resources available for instant download.



This site offers free PSD downloads and other resources created by Dribbblers and curated by Gilbert Pellegrom.


365 Psd

This great website lets you download a free vector & PSD every day!


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20 Mouthwatering Food Blog WordPress Themes

Looking for the perfect theme for your future food blog? Check out these 20 mouthwatering food blog WordPress themes! You will surely find a suitable theme for you, in this list.

These food blog themes come with great features you need for a food, travel or even fashion blog. They are very versatile and can be easily customized to fit your needs. Most of these food blog WordPress themes also come with custom recipe cards to make it easy to draft and print your recipes! They’re also integrated with features such as super easy to use ingredients builder, nutritional data box and informative steps with photos for making it easier for your followers to cook your recipes.

These great food blog WordPress themes are designed with readability in mind and they will make your blog a pleasure to read and browse. If that wasn’t enough, these themes also make customizing your blog and changing colors, fonts, and most elements a breeze.

These great food blog themes are clean and clutter-free, representing the perfect choice for the minimal loving creative blogger.

Because of their flexibility, these themes are perfect for fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, craft, tech, creative, photography, magazines and more! Check them out!

CookBook – Food Magazine Blog

This awesome food blog theme comes with 700+ Google web fonts, 585+ Font Awesome icons, 2 professional skin options, boxed or full-width layout, 240+ flag icons, 40+ color options, and more awesome features.


Foodie – A Whimsical Food Blogging Theme

Foodie is a blogging theme that allows you to showcase and talk about your latest culinary creations, or the art of food in general.


iCook – Food Blog WordPress Theme

iCook is a clean, minimalist and powerful food blog. This can be a strong platform for a restaurant site or blog.

3 iCook – Food Blog WordPress Theme

Sprout & Spoon – A WordPress Theme for Food Bloggers

Sprout & Spoon helps you share your tasty creations with the public. It comes with a bold Featured Area, eye-catching stackable Promo Widgets, numerous newsletter form areas, a custom Recipe Index page, and more.


Neptune – Theme for Food Recipe Bloggers & Chefs

This theme was created with food bloggers in mind. It helps you show off your cooking blog on a simple and clean layout.


Spiced Blog – Recipes & Food Personal Blog

Spiced Blog is intended for food bloggers, food photographers, cooking and recipes websites. It has all the needed features for a great food blog.


Grain & Knot – Food Blog WordPress Theme

Grain & Knot is fully responsive, feature rich and beautifully designed. This WordPress theme perfect for every food blog. It will make publishing, managing and sharing your recipes extremely easy!


Avocet WordPress Blog Theme – for Lifestyle, Food, Travel and Fashion Bloggers

Avocet is a unique and beautiful WordPress blog theme created for lifestyle bloggers who write about fashion, travel, and food.


Carolina – Homemade Recipes WordPress Theme

This theme was designed for all kind of food-related websites. It is built on the most popular framework – Bootstrap. Clean and well coded, Carolina is a great theme for starting your food blog in just a couple of minutes.


Foodist – Tastefully Simple Blog WordPress Theme

Foodist is a fully responsive, retina ready, feature rich and beautifully designed WordPress theme. You can use it as a blog for food news, recipes, and restaurant reviews.


Maverick – Multipurpose WordPress Blog Magazine

Maverick is a versatile and powerful, multipurpose WordPress blog theme perfect for any personal blog or magazine. It comes with over 120 styling options.


Solstice – Multipurpose WordPress Blog, Magazine, and Shop Theme

Solstice is a versatile and powerful multipurpose WordPress blog/shop theme perfect for any personal blog. It is packed with over 140 styling options.


Nano – Simple Magazine WordPress Theme

Nano is a simple and easy to use, responsive WordPress magazine and newspaper theme. The main features include 3 pre-made homepages with 3 different header sliders.


Brook | Light & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Brook is a light, spacious and versatile blog theme, featuring a full-width slider, a smooth AJAX navigation, a variety of post & layout options and sticky sidebar hotspot with custom widgets, and more.


Blogius | Powerful Responsive Personal Blog Theme

Blogius is a modern, elegantly designed, clean, minimal, simple, fast loading, lightweight, functionally resourceful and responsive WordPress personal blog theme.


Elegance – WordPress Blog Theme

Elegance is a clean and elegant WordPress blog theme perfect for various niches, from Fashion, to Food and Photography. This multipurpose theme will fit any blog.


Odyssey – Personal WordPress Blog Theme

If you are a blogger, traveler, photographer, illustrator, food lover or you simply have something important to tell, Odyssey Theme can be what you are looking for.


Blogum – Unusual WordPress Blog Theme

This WordPress theme comes with 2 different header styles, 600+ google fonts, featured posts, user avatars, posts social share, and more great features.


Sukawati – MultiConcept WordPress Blog Theme

Sukawati is a clean blog theme for lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travelers who love to blog and creative folks who love to write.


Cook Traveler – Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

This great theme is a clean & minimal blog that works with WP 4+. It has a fully responsive design, 1 Click Demo install and multiple layouts you can customize.


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Building Responsive Emails – The Challenges and Workarounds using Hybrid Coding

As per a recent survey, the typical digital consumer on an average now owns 3.64 of connected devices. This sums up to approximately 30.4 Billion devices globally. Moreover as per the latest Litmus survey of Emails opened in different email environments, Mobiles stands tall at 54% followed by 26% opens in webmail and 20% in desktop email clients. Following this trend, responsive emails came into picture.

Optimized Email Trend

Fig: Since webmail is emails opened in browser that includes both mobile and desktop, it is safe to say that nowadays more and more emails are opened in a mobile device.

Email Activities on Tablet and Smartphone

Fig: A survey by Litmus states that most people love to read emails the most on mobile devices.

Why responsive emails became necessary?

Normally emails are coded for 600px width for easy renderability across all devices. Fixed-width emails are typically scaled down on mobile devices, leading to small, unreadable text. Responsive emails have the flexibility to render perfectly as per the device resolution using media queries. The design elements get arranged such that it doesn’t break the design when shifting from device to device. In order to achieve a seamless transition, breakpoints are defined as per which the layout gets rearranged according to the device.

Desktop email template 3


Fig: This responsive email template displays desktop and mobile layout per breakpoint specified.

It’s every email marketer’s dream to ensure that their responsive email gets rendered across various devices properly. However, sometimes they may not come true since every email client has a different way to fetch various email designs and compatibility issues – resulting in designs that is rendered broken. This can nonetheless turn into an email marketers’ worst nightmare, even faster than the time taken for the email to land in the subscribers’ inbox.

Challenges faced in different Email Clients:

  1. Apple iPad/Tablets: First Generation of iPad had a display resolution of ‘1024 by 768 pixel’ and, with advancements in technology, the latest iPad Pro has a display resolution of ‘2048×1536’. The point of concern comes when the email is coded for width larger than 600px. In such scenario, a separate iPad layout will be necessary. Otherwise even a desktop layout works best to render on iPad.

However, following the iPad, there are some tablets who resolution or screen width is similar to the wider mobile phones of these days. A break point of 480px to 600px is needed there, that needs to be checked and corrected for better alignment. Images also need to be high resolution to render crisp and clear on those view.

  1. Native Mobile Apps: Android native email client support media queries out of box (except Samsung’s native email client). Unfortunately post Android 4.4 (KitKat) the native email client was replaced by Gmail. Earlier most of the third party email clients (Yahoo, Outlook exchange) didn’t support media queries, which is now been overcome with recent updates. Unfortunately Gmail hasn’t followed suit and still doesn’t support media queries.

Workarounds to overcome above challenges

1. Apple iPad/Tablets: As said earlier, in case your subscribers’ device list includes iPad, and you have a width of email that exceeds the 768px then you got use separate media queries for iPad. This can be achieved by including a media query as shown below.

@media only screen

and (min-device-width : 768px)

and (max-device-width : 1024px) 




Display: none!important;



The above media query is for iPad 1st Gen and it supports both Landscape and Portrait.

@media only screen

and (min-device-width : 768px)

and (max-device-width : 1024px)

and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2)




Display: none!important;



For iPad with retina display, you need to add another Expression.

As mentioned above, you will also have to include media queries for 480px to 600px width or of the email width of desktop if you wish to cater wide screen phones or tablets.

@media only screen and (min-width:481px) and (max-width:649px)



width: 100% !important; 



2. 3rd Party Gmail App: Gmail app and Samsung native emails don’t support media queries. At such moment we need to adopt a practice called Hybrid or Fluid Layout, which doesn’t require media queries.

Designing responsive emails without media queries poses some roadblocks.

Most prevalent method is to convert your two and three columns layouts into one column layout.


<td class=”two-column”>

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

<table width=”100%”>


<td width=”50%” valign=”top”>


<div class=”column”>

<table width=”100%”>


            <td class=”inner”>

            <table class=”contents”>



<imgsrc=”images/two-column-01.jpg” width=”280″ alt=”” />




<td class=”text”>

                    Lorem Ipsum








<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

</td><td width=”50%” valign=”top”>


        [Insert your Content here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>







Sample two column layout code (HTML)

The following CSS code provides some padding was well as make the tables behave as we want them to do. The code will also set up styles for the div columns, its contents, rendering of the image.

/*Two column layout*/

.two-column {

text-align: center;

font-size: 0;

padding-top: 10px;

padding-bottom: 10px;


.two-column .column {

width: 100%;

max-width: 200px;

display: inline-block;

vertical-align: top;


.two-column .contents {

font-size: 14px;

text-align: center;


.two-column img {

width: 100%;

max-width: 180px;

height: auto;


.two-column .text {

padding-top: 10px;



<td class=”three-column”>

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

<table width=”100%”>


<td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


<div class=”column”>

<table width=”100%”>


<td class=”inner contents”>

<p class=”h2″>Heading</p>

<p>Lorem Ipsum</p>

<p><a href=”#”>Read more</a></p>





<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

</td><td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


        [Insert your column here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

</td><td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


        [Insert your column here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>




<td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


        [Insert your column here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

</td><td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


        [Insert your column here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>

</td><td width=”200″ valign=”top”>


        [Insert your column here]

<!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]>







Sample three column layout code (HTML)

You need to add the CSS style as specified for the Two Column layout (Above) here also to adjust the styles of the columns and its content properties.

Once you are through developing an email code that works without media queries, it would start reacting responsive with limitation in Gmail app. But then you can enhance its appearance in native email application (especially for iPhone and other phones having native email app and supporting media queries). This enhancement can be done using media queries on top of this code making it Hybrid Code.


  • Adopt a mobile-first approach.
  • A media query consists of 3 parts: the media type, an expression, and the style rules contained within the media query itself.
  • A media query should atleast have
    • max- and min-width
    • max- and min-device-width
    • device-pixel-ratio
  • Hybrid design is a work around for the email clients which don’t support media queries.
  • <!–[if (gtemso 9)|(IE)]><![endif]–> is used for conditional CSS for Outlook to force it to collapse borders on all tables and prevent unwanted gaps

Author Bio:

Kevin is the Head of Marketing at EmailMonks, one of the fastest growing Email design and coding companies. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage and share insights with fellow marketers. He enjoys sharing his insights on email marketing at Email Marketing Blog. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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