New Shutterstock Plugin for Adobe Photoshop | Review

Have you heard about the new Shutterstock plugin for Adobe PhotoshopShutterstock released a free Photoshop plugin that will simplify your work by letting you browse, download and license stock images, right from your Photoshop canvas.

We decided to review it and let you know how can this plugin help you and how you can use it, just so you can easily see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

If you prefer to watch over reading, check out the video below, which shows you a straightforward presentation about this plugin.

How can you benefit from this plugin?

First of all, if you’re the kind of designer who often works with stock images, this plugin will be a huge time-saver for you. No more searching directly on the website, then downloading the watermarked image, checking if it matches your design and then heading back to the website to download and purchase it. All of these will be a thing of the past. You can now browse Shutterstock without ever leaving Photoshop.

Even better, you can also purchase the photos you like, without leaving the application. You will need an active Shutterstock account if you want to download and license the stock photos. Otherwise, if you just want to use the watermarked photos to show them to your client first, all you need is the plugin, no sign in required.


Browse by stock photo collections.

To minimize the clicks until you find the perfect photo for your project, Shutterstock integrated some photo collections into this plugin. You will find Color Palettes, Emotions, and Utilities, as main categories. Each collection has a bunch of sub-collections. So for ‘Color Palettes’ you will be able to easily search by main colors, such as Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple.


For ‘Emotions’, there are 6 main emotion-targeted sub-collections, such as Anger, Love, Joy, Sadness and more. ‘Utilities’ is a collection specifically created for easily finding for stock resources such as mockups (blank templates), photos suitable for text applied onto them, filters, textures, and more.


Editing stock photos has never been easier.

After browsing and finding a photo you like, all you have to do is click on the Insert Preview button and the image will be instantly inserted into your project.

The difference now is that with this plugin you can save time by editing the photos only once! After you chose the photo you like and inserted it into your project, you can edit it by resizing, applying filters, and more, and then, if it’s a good fit, all you have to do is license it. All the edits will be re-applied to the high-quality purchased photo.

No need for you to re-edit the photo. With the help of this plugin, Photoshop will remember all the editing processes you applied to the watermarked, unlicensed image and re-add them to the final photo.


Check your stock photos browsing history.

If you remember that you previewed a photo you liked but didn’t add it to your project and now you’re looking for it again, you can easily find it with just a click! Your browsing history is available from inside the plugin, so you can easily grab all the photos you want and add them to your work.


Look for similar photos

If you need more photos that match a specific criteria, all you have to do is click on the Similar Images tab button, located right below the red button. It will then show you a list of similar images, from the same category. You can also select Similar Model, which works when working with stock photos of people. Take a look at the Featured Collections as well. You will find plenty of stock images in these sub-collections.


Final thoughts…

This plugin is particularly useful for graphic designers, web designers, but also architects/rendering specialists. You will find lots of resources for any kind of project. At the time of writing this review, the plugin works only with Photoshop CC 2014 and Photoshop CC 2015 and it’s available for Mac and PC users. You can download it for free, here.

Download Shutterstock Photoshop Plugin

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20 Websites with Remarkable Home Pages

The first impression your visitor gets when browsing your site is crucial! That’s why your homepage is one of the most important pages on your site and must be eye-catching and very well-designed, so the visitor likes what he/she sees and starts to browse your site even further.

There are no second chances on making a good first impression, so make sure the homepage of your site best reflects your brand and will catch the visitors’ attention.

Here are some brilliantly designed home pages we decided to share with you. These 20 websites have some really remarkable home pages that will surely inspire you too. Some of them belong to some popular brands, whole others are less known websites, but all of them have beautiful designs you can learn something from.

Here they are!


You all have already heard of TED. It has a very user-friendly, content-focused design and the homepage gives off a secure but easy-going vibe.



The homepage looks gorgeous. It catches your attention with the full-screen video and it is also very intuitive and user-friendly, having a search right on the home page.



This website’s homepage impresses with the amazing, high-resolution animation effects and intriguing background music.



This homepage has a lot of elements on it, but despite that it doesn’t look cluttered at all. It is easy to consume the info presented here and also the CTA is very compelling.



This homepage design amazes through its simplicity. It is highly interactive and will intrigue the visitors to learn more about the service.



Dropbox’s homepage stands out due to its simplicity. It embraces white spaces and uses copy and visuals effectively. The CTA is clear as well.



This website has a simple, but content-rich homepage as well, due to its awesome scrolling function. This makes it easy for the user to read through the content, without clicking on too many links.



Evernote has a very effective homepage that delivers many messages in a compelling way. The key benefits of the app are visible and the CTA is efficient.



This is a simple website with a fullscreen video. It’s clear, effective, and exactly what the visitor is looking for.



This site’s homepage has very clear headlines and a simple, but effective design. The right info stands out, making it easy for the visitor to understand what this site is all about.



This online magazine has a very clean, minimalist homepage design, but with a focus on both visuals and text. It is content-rich, and all you have to do is scroll down to read through the posts.



This homepage has lovely illustrations and a childish and fun overall design. It’s also very interactive, making the visitor curious about what’s going on the site.



This website’s slider instantly interacts with the visitor. Asking the visitor a question will surely make him/her curious about the site and what it has to offer.

13-conde-nast-traveler-travel-reviews-news-guides-tips offers the opportunity to form your own opinion about animal experimentation in medical research through an interactive experience. It has an interactive and effective homepage design.


Anna Morosini

Anna Morosini is a young Italian photographer who translates body language into emotional pictures. Her website design is beautiful, mixing simplicity and sensuality.


Meet Graham

Graham reminds us how vulnerable our bodies are and how we would need to look like to survive a crash on the road. This campaign’s website design has extremely well-designed illustrations and effective copy.


Kygo Life

Kygo Life is a classic hardware and fashion line from the famous DJ KYGO. The homepage and overall website design has a Scandinavian look and feel,creating a sophisticated yet playful atmosphere.


Ed Stafford

Ths site offers an interactive video experience called the #EdExperience, in which users must navigate Ed through a ‘survival challenge’. It immediately interacts with the users, which is a great plus for homepage designs!


51 Sprints – The Human Race

This site design offers a different take on data visualization: a run simulator that combines historical footage and data from the 100m sprint finals as a starting point to deconstruct the Olympic Games. The homepage will surely catch any visitors attention in a heartbeat.


Romain Passelande – Portfolio

This is the portfolio of Romain Passelande aka RomainPSD, Digital Designer. Its homepage is very interesting and has some really beautiful design details.


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Free 61 Days Long Marathon – Launch Your Own Web Design Studio!

Are you suffocating at the office day and night putting up with a cantankerous boss for a laughable salary? Don’t you think that it’s time to shout out loud “Stop it! I quit!”

It’s your life and it’s now or never. So, don’t procrastinate, follow your dream. Nobody is promised they will see tomorrow. We are living right now, at this moment, and TemplateMonster is ready to help you launch your own business. The lessons will take place in the form of a Marathon. The admission is free for everybody.


It won’t be an exaggeration to call this Marathon a grandiose event. TemplateMonster’s team has been getting ready for it for a long time. And finally this day has come.

Attention, please!

TemplateMonster is providing a brilliant opportunity to EVERYBODY to participate in the Marathon and launch their own web design related business in 61 days. Don’t know much about running a business online or web design? It’s not a problem. You can still apply for registration here because all you need is a passionate desire to create and earn money. That’s all you must have to start this journey.

When does the Marathon start?

The lessons will become accessible on the 26th of September 2016.

All “runners” will be given the opportunity to learn for free and launch their own web design studio in only 61 days.

Please stick to the main Marathon rule! Do all the assignments on time!


What will you learn?

Over a period of 61 days TemplateMonster will reveal all its secrets – from creating websites to selling them.

Having completed all the tasks you will become the owner of your own web design studio. You will be able to work from any place on earth and generate a stable income. TemplateMonster will teach you to plan your budget and manage it.

Failure to do one assignment and you are out of the Marathon. Sorry, “dura lex, sed lex”.


Some more info about the Marathon

First of all we want you to understand that the Marathon is not just another series of training programmes. You can find hundreds of those on the Internet. Marathon is a specific step-by-step guide.

You must be sure that you have enough eagerness and aspiration to learn all the lessons on the way to setting up your own business.

Those Marathon runners who cope with all the tasks on time will get valuable prizes from TemplateMonster. We can’t tell you now what the prizes will be. Only Marathon participants will be entitled to know this secret information.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and change your life in only 61 days?  Welcome to the registration page.

Follow your dream, achieve your goals and never rest on your laurels. Grow stronger!

Register for the Marathon

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Beginner’s Guide: How to Start a Blog Using WordPress

So you have this really great idea for a blog or website, but you don’t really know where to start. You ask yourself “how do I start a blog?” and what platform do I choose for it? There are many options available in this day and age for starting a blog, and in this article we will discuss how to quickly and easily start a blog with WordPress.

There are blogs built with WordPress, Drupa, Joomla as well as plenty of websites built with website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and others. In today’s guide, we will teach you how to start a blog using WordPress. Why WordPress you say? Well, for one – our very own blog, Line25, is proudly powered by WordPress. WordPress has been around for many years and has grown into a terrific and stable platform. Because it has been around for so long, there are also a number of WordPress plugins which you can take advantage of. Think of WordPress plug-ins as additional features for your blog. You can really customize your blog by taking advantage of all the various WP plugins that are available.

There are 2 ways to approach starting a website with WordPress, from a technical standpoint. You can first get your own domain and hosting, go to WordPress’s website and download WordPress, then follow the installation instructions. Or, a much easier way, is to take advantage of “quick-install” features available through select hosting providers. One such provider we will be using as an example today is HostGator. HostGator, like WordPress, has been around for many years and is one of the most popular shared hosting providers on the web. So let us look at how we can take advantage of HostGator’s quick-install feature for starting a blog with WordPress.

Of course if you haven’t done so already, first you need to get a domain. There are many domain registrars available so your options are very open. You can even register a domain directly from HostGator when you purchase your hosting for a completely hassle-free experience (see screen shot below). One thing you should not forget about is making sure your domain’s registration is private. If you register a domain and even temporarily keep your registration public, there are tens (if not hundreds) of websites who immediately get access to your registration information and publish it on their own websites. So it’s always best to start out with a private registration as soon as you register your domain.


Now let’s go ahead and walk through installing WordPress on HostGator. If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading instructions, you can do so here:

After you have purchased your hosting, you will get a welcome email from HostGator with your cPanel log in details. This is where you will be able to install WordPress using the “quick-install” feature that HostGator provides. Once you log in to cPanel, click on the Quick Install icon which looks like this:


After you’ve clicked on Quick Install, you will be asked what kind of blogging software you want to install. As I mentioned earlier, there are various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, but I strongly recommend for you to use WordPress over the other two. So go ahead and click on WordPress and then “Install WordPress”.


From here on, you will have to fill out your blog’s details, such as title, your email address and a few other bits of information, and then click on “Install WordPress”.


Let’s look at each field you have to fill out:

  • Base domain of your WordPress blog (you probably wouldn’t need to change anything here)
  • Sub-directory of your WordPress blog. I would only recommend a sub-directory if you plan to have a non-WordPress website as the main site and WordPress blog in a folder. Otherwise, don’t put anything in sub-directory.
  • Admin email – here you’ll need to choose an admin email for your WordPress blog. This is where you’ll get all of your notifications from WordPress and it will also be used as the default contact email.
  • Blog title – here you need to choose an appropriate title for your blog. On Line25 for example, we have chose “Line25: Web Design Blog” to describe exactly what our blog is about.
  • Admin username – here you can choose a user name other than “admin” as your default admin user name. Picking something other than “admin” is more secure and is recommended.
  • Your first and last name – these are pretty self-explanatory.

This is really it. Creating a blog with WordPress using the Quick Install options on hosting companies such as HostGator makes it as easy as possible to start a blog using WordPress. Simply follow the instructions outlined in this beginner’s tutorial on blog creation in WordPress and you will have your WordPress blog up and running in no time.

Start You Blog with WordPress

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40 Best WordPress Themes for Niche Sites

We’ve searched for the best WordPress themes for niche sites, suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and came up with this awesome list!

These WordPress themes for niche sites are ideal for small businesses such as restaurants, catering, travel agencies, caretakers, handymen, consultants, construction businesses and many more.

Whether you want to show the latest fashion trends, entice foodies with your restaurant and recipe recommendations, become a leading voice in the tech industry, give your take on healthy eating and lifestyle choices, share your travel stories, or pretty much anything else, you will surely find a theme perfect for your needs, right here in this list.

These awesome themes will give you the creative freedom and flexibility you need. Plus, they were all created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques in accordance with the latest WordPress Coding Standards.

Here they are!


Johansen is a multi-functional blog theme ideal for two niches, personal stories, and fashion blog.



Byblog is a WordPress blog theme with 9 different homepage layouts that have been specifically designed to suit different types of blog industries.



Bolts is a customizable website template suitable for four different niches such as construction, transport, factory, and industry.



This template comes with 4 sub-designs: Care Nurse, Care Childcare or Nanny, Care Nutritionist and Care Pet Sitting or Dog Walker.


Good News is a WordPress theme built for anyone who would like to build a stunning and flexible blog or a magazine website with newsand reviews.



Guardian has a robust & well-structured boxed layout design with a color palette made of strong blues and white colors.



Anona is a powerful and responsive pest control WordPress theme. It has all the features what you need for pest control services.



Byline is a premium WordPress theme with a  bold design, infinite color options and highlighted feature posts.



Eyewear is an excellent WooCommerce shop, exclusively created for selling eyeglasses, sunglasses, eyelashes, eye makeup, eyebrow wigs, eye mask, contact lenses, eyebrow stencils, eye creams, and other eye products.



This theme has great typography, quite a few sliders to choose from, monetization options and email marketing tools included.



Candy theme can be used for corporate, portfolio, personal, agency, one-page sites etc. It comes with 24×7 support.


Anne Alison 

Anne Alison is a soft, personal blog theme with gorgeous typography and great layout design to build your own personal blog easily.



Sink is created for any kind of online e-commerce business. It has a modern, minimalist design which focuses on your products.


The Reader 

This is a theme like the Smashing Magazine’s website. It comes with a job posting feature, multiple layouts, 4 homepage versions, RTL Support, WPML Support, and more.



Florist WordPress theme is focused on florist and landscaping business niches. It is packed with Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce and an advanced admin panel.



QShop is created for e-Commerce businesses and mostly for affiliate marketers . It has a minimalist design and offers a high-quality user experience.


Beauty Hair Salon

This lovely niche theme is suitable for any business operating in the Beauty industry. If you provide services such as hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, makeup, tanning, male grooming, waxing, spa and body treatments, this is the theme for you.


Book Your Travel

This fully responsive WordPress theme was designed and developed specifically for travel agencies, tour operators, car hire companies and other businesses in the tourism niche.



PEDOSIS is WordPress theme crafted for construction & other similar niche sites. It has all the feature needed for a construction site.



Adios is a minimal, clean and modern WordPress template for anyone who wants to build a portfolio website. It is suitable for any corporate, creative freelancer or business agencies.

dios portfolio

Let’s Travel 

Let’s Travel theme has 17 homepage variations, more than 40+ additional web elements and other customization options.



Wooland premium eCommerce theme brings you all the advanced and most powerful features needed for a successful e-commerce business.



Physiotherapy is niche specific WordPress theme for physiotherapy businesses. It has lots of useful features, such as doctor’s work schedule, appointment form, working schedule, services (departments), testimonials, and more.



Electric premium WordPress theme serves all the requirements needed by construction-related businesses. It suits both small and large businesses.



This theme can be used as a personal diary, personal project blog, travel blog, review site, affiliate site, personal shop, and more.



Gates is a business theme designed specifically for construction /building companies. Can be also successfully used by corporate, blog, e-commerce and portfolio sites.



Tulip is a flower shop and gardening service WordPress theme. This theme can be used as a presentation website for flower shops, gardening services, decor, gift shops and other.



Handyman is a professional WordPress theme with a modern and professional design, responsive layout, valid code and visual page builder.



PURE is a responsive, beautiful spa WordPress theme for beauty salons, wellness centers, SPA, massage and other health and beauty related websites.



This theme is perfect for travelers, fashion designers, chefs, internet marketers, businessmen or any other professionals who want to start blogging.


Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness is a responsive WordPress theme for gyms, yoga studios and other feminine fitness related websites.



Cinematix theme is integrated with BuddyPress & bbPress which lets users register on your site and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections and more.



Holiday is perfect for hotels, motels, resorts or other similar businesses. It also offers a booking and reservation system.



Vienna is a premium restaurant WordPress theme designed specifically for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Vienna was designed for restaurant and bar owners, banquet halls, catering companies, hospitality venues and professional bloggers.



This theme is aimed at businesses on niches such as church website, religious propagation, nonprofit organization, ministry, church event, church donation or a church fundraising.



Petshop is a WordPress theme is  for any pet-related online store websites, that require special shopping functionality and product presentations.



Insight is perfect for advisors, agents, consulting firms, financial advisors, financial consulting, banking, businesses and more.



Tech Life is a premium niche WordPress theme designed for mobile phones and tablet repair shops, plus other tech related businesses.



This theme offers geolocation by google maps and it is good for cafes, bars, restaurant guides, small business catalogs and more.



RecipePress is a premium WordPress theme for recipes and other food related websites. It has 15+ homepage variations.


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20 Best Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Designing a website for a small business has its challenges. Its impact on the business can be huge in terms its ability to reach out to a huge number of potential customers. When taking on such a task, the following is important:

  • Display high quality design throughout.
  • The UX should fully engage the user.
  • The theme should promote the brand.
  • The website must be responsive.
  • Specific features and content must be in keeping with the business’s domain.

This popular WordPress theme meets and exceeds these needs. It features more than 210 pre-built websites addressing modern design concepts for small businesses in a variety of attractive and innovative ways. A 45,000-strong user base attests to this theme’s qualities and capabilities:

  • Coding skills are not required
  • Special features are in keeping with the latest design trends
  • Pre-built websites can be customized to produce high-quality results quickly.

20 Pre-Built Websites That Will Change the Way You Design for Small Businesses


Image source: Pizza pre-built website

To best meet your client’s needs, it helps to understand how a small business operates.

  • The client’s team will often be small and can make decisions quickly, so you’ll want to keep the design process simple. You can, for example, customize a pre-built website in a fraction of the time it takes to produce a mockup, and give your client a much better feel for what is doable.
  • By putting the Visual Builder or the Muffin Builder to work, you can respond quickly to your client’s suggestions or changes.
  • A presentation website for a small business requires full and precise attention to detail. Pre-built websites make this a quick and easy process. You’ll be able to accomplish more in less time, boost your creativity, and your income as well.

Here are 20 examples of pre-built websites for a range of small business types, starting with 3 case studies showing the before and after of transforming a pre- built website into an engaging, user-friendly final product.

Be Tiles


  • This pre-built website addresses quality interior design, with the product and the message centered
  • The graphic elements take on an almost architectural approach


Notice how the imagery and text have been totally modified to fit the client’s requirements, yet the UX elements have largely been kept intact. The hero image makes a statement, the UVP is there for all to see, and navigation is simple and intuitive.

Be Farmer


  • This pre-built website is destined for use by a farming operation.
  • It conveys a certain warmth, the typography is in keeping with the theme and the brand, and there is a focus on hand-made direction.
  • The images are large and clear, as is the menu and its structure.
  • How might you transform it?


Starting with the Be Farmer pre-built website which conceptualizes a farm the produces food for families:

  • the image has been completely changed, yet it is still totally in keeping with the theme – freshly harvested produce.
  • The font is not changed (it could be) and a logo is added.
  • All of this is easily accomplished.

Be Tailor


  • A vintage vibe for building a tailor shop website
  • The graphical elements are consistent with the theme’s concept.


The final result, after customizing Be Tailor:

  • the layout is familiar
  • the concept is followed
  • the vibe becomes manly, chic, and focused on a call to action
  • Note the subtle difference produced by changing the font

Other 17 pre-built website that can be installed with 1 click and rapidly customized:

Be Watch


  • Ideal for a smart watch shop
  • The hero shot is impressive and engaging, the design is clean, and the focus is on the images
  • The design’s simplicity offers a sense of casual luxury.

Be Architect 2


A pre-built website in which the elements combine to produce a unique, most interesting, and engaging experience.

  • The hero images
  • Clean, crisp lines
  • An abundance of white space

As you go through these examples, imagine how any or all of these Be Theme pre-built websites could be transformed and customized to meet your client’s needs, as well as meeting your own design standards.

Be Lawyer2


  • Corporate elegance and professionalism
  • Strong visual focus
  • Design element symmetry conveys both trust and authority

Be Barber 2


  • Start with a vintage, urban look
  • Images suggest warmth and luxury
  • The design is simple, with a generous use of white space and consistency of design throughout the site
  • A subtle parallax effect adds depth

Be Kebab


  • The images are friendly and easy going
  • Fonts, colors, and the design structure have carefully been chosen to reflect the brand of this client-oriented business



  • A professional IT business that is friendly and not overly formal
  • A corporate design with a clever twist

Be Bistro


  • Designed with a local bistro in mind
  • The structure is clean and logical, with large, attractive images
  • The pre-built website includes good UX properties

Be Car


  • Smooth and luxurious, with an excellent choice of colors
  • Lots of white space, a superb hero image
  • Elements combine to covey elegance

Be Medic 2


  • Ideal for a medical center
  • Note how the focus is on building trust, as evidenced in the hero image and the UVP
  • Photos of the team and other sections are included

Be Minimal


  • Designed especially for a creative agency
  • The video header and modern look and feel is perfect for this type of business
  • A minimalist approach can be a relaxing website approach

Be GoodFood


  • This pre-built website can be used by dieticians, food services, or any type of food business
  • The content is engaging, dynamic, and easy to follow

Be Carver


  • A pre-built website for a craftsman, be that person an artisan, a wood carver, a ceramist, etc.
  • The design is minimalist with a straight to the point message
  • The UX is simple and easily navigable

Be Hotel 2


  • For a hotel
  • The images provide the focus and tell a story
  • Relevant sections are included for this type of a business

Be Burger


  • This pre-built website is for a burger delivery service – but is applicable for other food or catering services as well
  • The design is “hip”
  • The focus us on showing the products and converting the user

Be Horse


  • An excellent choice for a horse farm, horse center, riding academy, etc.
  • Simple and elegant – the image tells the story

Be Decor


  • This pre-built website would find use by an agency or a single interior designer
  • A products section and gallery are included

Be Tea


  • Just right for a tea shop
  • The black menu and typography convey a luxurious vibe
  • A nice combination of vintage and minimalist design
  • Note the luxurious range of colors

Be Theme Has Everything You Need to Create Beautiful Websites –  For Any Type of Business

These 20 examples should prove to you that with Be Theme, you’ll get tremendous value for money. Not only can you easily address a wide range of small business clients, but you can give them quality deliverables in a short time.

Be Theme has more than 210 of these pre-defined websites, covering many different categories including creative, small business, portfolio, blog, entertainment, cosmetics, and on and on.


Be Print pre-built website

Each of these websites has the UX features you want. They feature a one click install, and require no coding. A cool visual builder comes with the package, along with a large selection of other super-helpful core features.

Be Theme has a great track record, as 45,000 professionals like you can attest to. It’s a top 5 best seller on ThemeForest, it’s continually being updated, and user support is outstanding.

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40 Extremely Well Mobile-Optimized WordPress Themes

Check out these powerful mobile-optimized WordPress themes! They are fully customizable, support a wide range of mobile devices and are a great choice to use alongside your desktop theme.

These themes have professional and modern UIs that are perfect for all types of websites, from agencies, blogs, freelance, personal, portfolios to professional presentations, galleries and e-commerce.

The great thing about these mobile-optimized WordPress themes is that you can  quickly change elements like title and body font sizes, line heights, colors, and alignments. Also, while primarily intended for use on smartphones and tablets, you’ll find that most of these themes work great on desktop as well.

These are some thoroughly tested themes on iPhones and iPads, Android and Windows devices, and even desktop browsers. They work everywhere. These mobile themes can work alongside your existing desktop theme and can easily be shown to your mobile and/or tablet visitors only.

Here they are!

Nightly Mobile

Nightly Mobile is a multi-purpose mobile WordPress theme based on jQuery Mobile. It pays great attention to details, offering an extensive options panel which boosts your customization abilities.

Nightly Mobile Optimized WordPress Theme


This theme comes with easy installation and demo content included. You can get your theme ready in just 5 minutes.



Rowe is a lightweight mobile theme that can be used on a brand new WordPress installation or set up as a secondary, mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress site.



This theme’s customization panel lets you change the color of almost every element. Also, the page builder provides everything you need to customize this theme.



This mobile theme can be used on a brand new WordPress installation or as a mobile-only theme on your existing WordPress site.



Breezy is a clean and lightweight mobile theme for WordPress that can be used as a primary or secondary, mobile-only theme for your website.



Jackdaw is a material design-focused mobile theme for WordPress, that was designed with mobile devices in mind, though, you can also easily use it on desktop as well.



Rogue is super easy to set up and use mobile theme. You can also heavily customize this mobile theme’s appearance.



AURA mobile theme is created with a fully customizable theme system and has a perfect mobile blog system with post format support.



Vibrant is super clean, light and minimalist theme. This theme has a unique menu display, comment form, custom headers, and more great features.



Monolith is a mobile theme that will immediately stand out from the crowd. It is suitable for any kind of business and niche.



Bean Mobile Theme offers an impeccable mobile experience and also comes with a blog system with post format support, custom portfolio, gallery, video and Sound Cloud integration.



‘Grunt’ is can be set up as a secondary theme on your current WordPress installation and can be used by almost any kind of business and niche.



Point mobile theme is created for phone and tablet devices. It comes with a mobile blog, custom portfolio, gallery, video and Sound Cloud listing pages. You can insert unlimited categories and menu items and customize its whole appearance.



This mobile theme has 6 custom page templates included, portfolio, blog page, swipeable portfolio columns, and more cool features.



This theme has a custom theme options panel with 25 very useful settings, 22 shortcodes, contact page with form and field validation and offers the possibility to disable the default contact form and add your own!



This theme lets you upload your custom HomeScreen Icon, and splash screens for iOS devices from the options panel. It also has SEO settings included in the options panel.



This is a fully functional mobile theme with contact form with inline validation, 400 different color combinations, and more cool features. It is also optimized for new iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone.

ricrds-stuff theme


Gamma is a clean mobile template with pure typography and blogging features. It has a modern and clean flat design look.



Writter is a grid-based minimalistic theme with a bunch of features bloggers will appreciate. It has a clean and smooth design with 8 great post formats.



Delta is minimalistic flat designed WordPress theme that uses minimum jQuery plugins for smooth running and high compatibility with older devices.



This mobile theme has a custom jQuery code, page preloader with fader, it is optimized for all types of mobile screens and also WebApp ready.



‘Hunter’ is a WordPress theme intended for use on smartphone and/or tablet devices. This theme can be used for many purposes, as a blog or even as a portfolio.



This theme has a Photoswipe touch image gallery, full retina support for all graphic elements, 800 icons available, 40 icon lists and Google fonts integration.



‘Touch’ is a light and airy theme with lots of great features. It can be used for many purposes and comes with a unique comment form along with a validation-enabled contact form, plus sliders, shortcodes, and more.



Resans is highly advanced WordPress theme that comes with 50$ worth plugins. It has infinite scrolling, page preloading, loading animations and a highly advanced administration panel.



This is a dark, minimal and 100% responsive mobile theme with a simple and optimized interface.



HERO is designed to be super simple to use, yet provide loads of functionality. This theme is ready for localization, you can ‘install as web app’ on iOS, has a beautifully unique menu, touch/swipe gallery, multiple color schemes, a variety of extremely customizable shortcodes, and  more!

hero_-a-no-nonsense-mobile-wordpress theme-


Provocateur° is WordPress template built with jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 and developed for mobile devices. This theme was optimized for Apple devices.

Provocateur Mobile WordPress Theme


SPARTAN is a  fully-loaded theme suitable for all kinds of businesses, organizations, as well as personal sites. It is loaded with useful features!

Spartan - Responsive WordPress Theme


With this mobile theme, you can get an iPhone Web App with iPhone Homescreen icon and startup screen. It has pure CSS3 buttons that enlarge to suit your text, CSS3 tables, CSS3 notification boxes, CSS3 toggle, and more.

Troller Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme

Moby Elite

Moby is a mobile WordPress business template written in HTML5 with clean code and structure, which can be customized easily to suit your needs.



Mobit Mobile Theme is optimized for all kinds of mobile devices and created with a fully customizable interface.



Lotus can be used for your WordPress mobile/tablet users as well as with your desktop WordPress template. You can set it up in less than 5 minutes using the free WordPress plugin called Device Theme Switcher.



This theme has a working Ajax contact form with inline validation, a heavily Customized Photoswipe Gallery and flexslider, many Gallery page templates, 5 different post formats, 6-page templates, and more.

ultimate responsive wordpress theme


Metro Mobile Template lets you create your own metro mobile tiles and pick own style. It has many useful features.



Mobilize is a touch-optimized mobile WordPress theme built on jQuery Mobile. Its responsive slider has 24 transitions, optional captions, social icons and more.



This mobile theme was built with pure CSS3 and also has Google Font API Replacement for slick quality.



This theme has a jQuery homepage slider with Swipe feature, animated toggles, photo gallery with slideshow, animated notification boxes, AJAX PHP contact form, and more.



This is a heavily featured jQuery Mobile based template ideal for blogs or portfolios. It’s easy customizable via Theme Options  and comes with 6 main themes.

ricrds-stuff mobile optimized theme breathe

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20 Best Review Website Designs

Looking for some inspiration for a review website design? Look no further! Here are 20 best review website designs, some of which belong to really popular websites, while others are WordPress themes you can use to create your own review website.

Whether you want to review latest gadgets, fashion clothing, travel destinations, computer games or even sports equipment, these examples of the best review website designs will surely provide you with enough design inspiration to start working at your new review website project.

Here they are!


This website browses social media to find the latest Portland food, beer, shopping and music shot by visitors and locals.



Reviewer is a WordPress theme built for writing reviews for movies or TV shows. It has all the features needed for a powerful review website design.


Gauge is a review theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for games, movies, food etc. Each review item has it’s own centralized hub page with tabbed navigation.



Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products. You can use it to discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone’s talking about.



Reviews is a complete system for reviewing products and services. Users can leave feedback about a product / service they wish to purchase. You are able to create as many reviews as you want.



Swagger is a WordPress theme that allows you to create unlimited custom review “mini-sites” within your main website.



This site lets you research, find and buy the best supplements. Labdoor tests the purity and label accuracy of hundreds of best-selling vitamins and supplements.


The Review

The Review is a stylish review and magazine theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for multiple types of products, such as games, travel destinations, films, technology etc.



Read Fodor’s reviews to find the best travel destinations, hotels, and restaurants. You can use this site to plan your trip online.



Mona is a simple, personal blog theme with a delicate design and distinctive typography. It also offers a review system.



This theme comes with 50+ theme options for each review type you create so you can customize them.



This is Australia’s genius film guide with nationwide movie and cinema times, ticket booking, reviews, trailers.



ReviewIt is a WordPress and BuddyPress theme that provides you with powerful review and community features.



Score is a clean and modern WordPress and BuddyPress theme that is ideal for any review site.



Healthgrades is the leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals.



Delipress is a flexible WordPress theme for review websites. The theme works well with all desktop and mobile devices and has a ton of built-in features.



Broadsheet is an online magazine featuring cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and galleries.



This theme has a beautiful newspaper style homepage layout that you can edit with a drag and drop page editor. It alco comes with 6 different demo sites that display different layouts and color styles.



This is a perfect theme for review sites. Every post can easily be turned into a review for any kind of product.


Magazine theme is excellent for news, newspapers, magazine, blog and review sites. It has an integrated custom review system.


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In Need of a Better Prototyping Solution? Check Out These 7 Tools

Are you looking for a wireframe tool, a mockup tool, or a prototyping tool – or not sure which? If it’s the latter, it’s understandable. The three descriptions are often used conversely. Yet, the tools do not perform identical functions.

To clarify:

  • A wireframe is a low-fidelity design depiction. It lacks fine detail, it’s static, and while it often defines shape, it lacks in substance (functionality).
  • A mockup can be a mid – to high-fidelity depiction of a design. But while it may provide a significant amount of detail, it is also static.
  • A prototype on the other hand is dynamic. A prototype can represent a product to any degree of detail you might choose. Or any part or specific feature of an end project. A prototype can be virtually indistinguishable from a final design in terms of look and feel. But it is still only a simulation.

Prototypes can be attractive, although they don’t necessarily have to be. They need to work well enough to prove key design features.

To create a prototype:

  • Sketch out the page flows (how a user might navigate);
  • Build low-fidelity versions of each page. Run usability tests, and take note of lessons learned;
  • Add detail until your high-fidelity model can emulate the look and feel of the proposed design;

The focus below is on prototyping tools. Several have wireframe and mockup capabilities as well, and there is one on the list that can deliver a working product.

Take Your Pick Among These 7 Best Prototyping Tools




We’ll start with a prototyping tool that comes recommended by Forbes, and has been placed into use by many major enterprises, including 70 percent of the leading Fortune 100 companies.

InVision is a favorite of project managers at these and other companies since it can simplify a design team’s workflow and their collaborative efforts.

The reason for this, is InVision enables collaboration to be done in-browser, hence in real time. This is the perfect tool for those who require pixel-perfect prototypes together with faster delivery times.  Users also appreciate the ability to conduct unlimited, free testing of the prototypes they build.

InVision boasts of a user base in excess of 2 million, making it a safe bet if you have not spent a great amount of time researching prototyping tools. All you have to do is sign up. You can try it out for free, and without obligation. Click on the website link to find out more. It will be time well spent.




You can create both wireframes and prototypes using Pidoco, although its real strength lies in creating fully interactive UX prototypes for both websites and apps. Its many features include a library of over 400 UI elements, icons, and interactive elements along with both click and touch interactions, screen transitions, and animations.

Other features you’ll like are the drag and drop screen and image upload function, a global layer and template system that you’ll find to be a real time saver, and the ability to preview your work on your web browser or on mobile devices.

Experienced designers like what they see in Pidoco, and those new to web or app design and/or prototyping will like what Pidoco has to offer as well. You will too.


If your design efforts are focused mainly on mobile apps,, with its dedicated mobile prototyping platform, will be an excellent choice. runs on most browsers and it features three primary interfaces: a dashboard, an editor, and a player.

The dashboard is where you manage your project, you do your prototype building with the editor, and the player is for presenting your prototypes and interacting with others. The player contains tools for leaving feedback and annotations on the design. Testing can be done directly on iOS or Android mobile device.

You will find yourself in good company if you select this high-fidelity prototyping tool, since companies like Disney, PayPal, and Airbnb are regular users. Like these companies and others, you’ll find that with, your design efforts will speed up noticeably and your end products will be better than ever.



            PowerMockup may not be every prototype builder’s cup of tea, but it’s the only reasonable choice if your objective is to create prototypes using PowerPoint. This prototyping tool was not just built with PowerPoint in mind – it’s a PowerPoint add-on, and thereby provides the full benefits of both tools.

PowerPoint consists of a library of shapes and design elements (you can add your own, and share them with others) that you simply drop onto PowerPoint slides to create your prototype. You can then user PowerPoint’s animation and slideshow features to make your prototype interactive.



            Webflow is just what the doctor ordered if you’re looking for one tool to handle your web design, prototyping, and development work.

Everything you build in Webflow is powered by production-ready, fully responsive HTML/CSS and JavaScript, so making the move from prototype to deliverable is seamless. And if you’re working with a team, its Team plan gives you a unified dashboard where you can see and collaborate on everything your team’s working on.



Whether you are designing for web, mobile or wearables you can create your prototype from the comfort of your browser, test and iterate. Invite team members to collaborate or send share links to your clients for review and approval.

Try HotGloo for free! It’s super easy to get started – once you sign up, you’ll be given a multiple-license account, making collaboration with coworkers a snap. HotGloo comes with a complete set of documentation supported by tutorial videos and live webinars.



This online diagramming/wireframing application has a library packed with shapes, icons, and device types for websites and mobile apps alike. Lucidchart is also a super handy tool for your flowcharting and other diagramming needs, including mind mapping.

For prototyping, the package includes the necessary design elements, which, along with drag and drop technology, allows you to see how your design will behave in a real-world environment.

Lucidchart is cloud based, and it is fully integrated with Google Apps, Google Drive, and several other useful applications; a perfect choice, if you prefer to store your prototyping and design work in the cloud.

Ending thoughts

You should have little problem finding just the right prototyping tool to support your design work here. If you are new to the game, each of the tools here enjoys wide use, is easy to use, and is completely trustworthy. If you already have quite a bit of prototyping experience, you’ll find tools here that represent a step up from what you currently are using.

Hopefully, the opening discussion on wireframes, mockups, and prototypes have helped in deciding which tool is best. And why you should choose it.

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20 Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Websites shouldn’t be boring and rigid, you can opt for a more fun and interesting approach by using doodles, hand-drawn illustrations, and even comics, to spice up your website design!

Check out these 20 websites with cartoon style design concepts that will brighten up your day! Their fun and ingenious designs will surely put a smile on your face. Analyze how the illustrations blend the other web elements and what animations work best on cartoon / comic style websites. This way you will also learn something useful from these awesome, creative websites, not just admire them for how beautiful they look.

Here they are!


This website has both cartoonish and grungy style design elements. They blend very well together and make up an awesome portfolio site.


Suicide Squad

This is a colorful one-page website promoting the Suicide Squad movie. It features some large photos, character biographies, poster downloads and video clips, all in a comic-style design.


Alan Rickman

This website’s page is a tribute to the actor Alan Rickman. It was created in a cartoonish style and has the layout of an infographic.



This is a responsive portfolio and online shop created by David Ristevski. The fonts and illustration look great!


Gary Davison

Attack of the Web is the online home for Norwich, UK-based web designer/developer Gary Davison.


Mega Cultural

This site follows many artistic trends, such as classic art, pop art, vintage, surrealism, and more. It has a bold and colorful design with lovely cartoonish elements.



With its page, BirdBoxx hopes to build a long-term relationship with its target audience of accommodation providers It has s simple yet, playful design with lovely illustrations.


Amor de Verano

This is a great portfolio website with amazing illustration and a retro color palette. The person behind this is the Mexican illustrator Salvador Verano Calderón.


BlackMoon Design

This is the presentation / portfolio website of BlackMoon Design studio. It has some awesome illustrations as background and every web element is custom-made.



Passweird is a fun application that will create for you a secure password. The illustrations are awesome!



This is an awesome portfolio website with a cool illustration right on the homepage. It has a cartoonish atmosphere.



This site offers a collection of the best articles, videos, and presentations about creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base.


Eric Steuten

This is a great website with lots of awesome illustrations. It may look a bit cluttered, but overall has a fun and friendly atmosphere.



This site has a retro style, one page design, circle gallery, gallery filters, elastic sliders, and more.



This website has a dark color palette and a bold and interesting design. It uses lots of illustrations.



THRILLBENT is a digital comics site created by the award-winning comics writer Mark Waid and television writer/producer John Rogers.


Traveline Cymru

This is a website that tells you a Christmas story by Traveline Cymru. It features cartoon/comic/style illustrations and subtle animations.


So Below

This is a one-page, scrolling site that showcases a comic called ‘So Below’ created by the political cartoonist Sam Wallman.



This is a beautifully illustrated website with a cartoon style design concept.


Minding Monsters

This website has some really cute and fun illustrations. It has a friendly and fun atmosphere.


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